Decluttering Your Closet

Decluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comNow that summer is coming to a close (we know, so sad!), we thought what better time to do a MAJOR closet clean-out. We are definitely not hoarders by any means, but we do have some pieces of clothing from when we were in high school, which is now over 8 years ago. Yes, we can still fit in it, but that does not mean we need to keep it in our closet. I don’t know about y’all, but I will find any reason to hold on to stuff, especially clothes. We have done some closet decluttering in the past, but will keep things and convince ourselves that we will find a place to eventually wear them. Do any of y’all do that?! In college we both would spend literally any free time we had at the mall shopping away, so you can imagine that, along with what we do for a living, has caused us to accumulate a TON of clothes.
Decluttering Your Closet | Over time, our closet, which is not small by any means, has gotten wayyyy too stuffed to the point where we just wear the same stuff over and over again. Our friend, Olivia, convinced us to finally do a major clean-out and enlist in some help with organizing, donating, and selling our clothes, so shutout to Raina for all of your help so far! Before we get into our tips for cleaning out your closet, we wanted to share these adorable accessories that are perfect for fall, especially once you clean out your closet, and make room for some new pieces!
Decluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comThese peep-toe sandals are super comfy and a great neutral shoe. Especially if you will be decluttering, you need a good shoe like this that is versatile and can be worn into the fall months. The crossbody bag is also a great neutral color and can be worn with jeans, shorts, dresses, etc. The black scarf can be worn with shorts or jeans as a shawl or scarf. Decluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comDecluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comAnd, now for our tips on decluttering your closet:

  • Figure out what is taking up the most space in your closet, or what is causing the most problems
  • Instead of tackling your closet in one day and becoming overwhelmed, set aside 30-60 minutes a day to go through a section of your closet and get rid of pieces you don’t need anymore.
  • If you’re starting by section, take everything out, and sort through the pieces by setting up a donate pile, keep pile, and sell pile.
  • Organize your closet by sections. For example: jeans, dresses, sweaters, skirts, etc.
  • Remove items you haven’t worn in the past year because chances are you will NOT wear them!
  • For every item you add to your closet, take one out. This is something we started, especially with shoes, to make sure don’t end up running low on space again!

Decluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comIf you all are in Dallas, we will be selling a TON of our clothes at The Edit Exchange on Saturday, August 19th. See details below:

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Decluttering Your Closet | adoubledose.comThese super cute accessories are all from Sole Society . They have the perfect pieces to get you ready for fall and fill up those spots that you clear out in your closet!
Decluttering Your Closet |

SHOP THE OUTFIT{ Peep Toe Sandals | Crossbody Bag | Cutoff Shorts | White V-Neck Tee | Black Scarf | Sunglasses | Nail Color | Lip Color ” Life of The Party”BRACELETS: David Yurman Cable Bracelets herehere, and here and Cartier Love Bracelet | NECKLACES: Initial Necklace and Diamond Dainty Necklace RINGS:  David Yurman Ring here and here | WATCH: Michele Deco Watch }

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