Steal vs Splurge

Steal vs. Splurge- our jewels and a steal version of everything we wear plus what we like to splurge vs save on |


SPLURGE:Michele Deco Watch | Bar Ring | Faux Leather Leggings | Gold Arrow Necklace | Diamond Bar Necklace |David Yurman Cable Bracelets herehere, and here | David Yurman Ring here and here | Gold/Silver Initial Bangle }

SAVE:  { Gold Bar Necklace | Gold Arrow Necklace | Michele Watch | White Watch | Cable Bangle | Gold layered ring | Silver rope “X” ring Diamond Bar Ring | Diamond “X” ring | Diamond rope ring }

We are finally doing a post on this because we get asked often where all of our jewelry is from. Of course, I know most of you all don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on jewelry. The ones that we have splurged on, are the ones that we know we will wear for years, and not something we will get tired of after a few months. 

We tend to splurge on the David Yurman bracelets simply because they are so classic. They are definitely an investment, BUT we have had most of ours for over 7 years. They are also something you can add to. We each have three bangles, but the first one we got was when we graduated from high school. We bought ourselves another one with some money we had saved up, and the third one was a gift from our grandpa. They all have a special meaning, and we literally wear them

We also have David Yurman rings, one of which was a gift, and the other was a college graduation gift from our parents. We each got the orange topaz stone because that was our school colors (University of Texas at Austin) and decided to get this ring instead of a class ring, which are crazy expensive, by the way! 

The Michele watch is also another investment piece. We got this one for our 21st birthday, and it is also another one that we never take off. We love that you can switch out the bands, which can totally switch up the watch and make it look totally different. These watches come with and without diamonds, so if you’re looking for something a little less expensive, they offer them without diamonds (which are just as gorgeous), and they also go on sale a lot, but they sell out SO fast, so keep an eye out for those!

We both have the same bar ring and got that one for our birthday last year. We tend to have the same taste, so we end up getting two of everything because no way are we going to share without fighting 😉

The arrow necklace is another one of our favorites. Although ours is real gold, I think the ones that are just plated gold are just as nice and so fun for layering with other gold or silver necklaces.

Maybe you’re not able to drop a ton of money on the ones I talked about above, but want something nice and pretty similar. Well, I rounded up some favorite of mine that are way more affordable and look just as cute!

I love this gold arrow necklace and this gold bar necklace for layering and this ring and this ring are so delicate and sparkly! Love them worn on your index fingers.

This Michele watch is a fraction of the price and so adorable. This one is also super cute and I have heard great things about it! It also comes in a bunch of colors!

This cable bracelet looks just like a yurman bangle, but way less of an investment!