5 Items You Need for Spring

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With spring here, it is time to clean out those closets, and stock up on the must-haves for this season! Okay, we admit we are still in the process of cleaning out our closets. It just seems to be NEVER-ENDING. Ugh, the worst. We actually made a “new rule” that we would not buy any more shoes or clothes, until we got rid of something else to donate or sell. Sounds like a good rule, right? Well, easier said than done;) Do you all have any good rules of thumb when it comes to spring cleaning?! We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

We wanted to share 5 must-haves for spring that we think are essential in any closet. We have good reason for each of these pieces, and know that you all will get a ton of use out of ALL of them pretty much any time of year, especially the spring and summer!

So, here we go!


A basic white v-neck is a staple for any gender or person, really. You can pretty much wear them with ANYTHING, and you can dress it up or down. Wear it with shorts, jeans, leggings, you name it! To be honest, a v-neck, especially white or grey, is what we wear at least once a week. It is always in our luggage when we travel, too! You just can’t go wrong! You can also tie it up in a knot, tuck it in, or wear it regular. We love this v-neck because it fits perfectly and it is $17! We own it in several colors! 

Here are some other great white v-neck options:


We live in these pretty much all spring and summer. You can wear them with tennis shoes, wedges, slip ons, or flip flops. We always wear them with a t-shirt or some kind of tank, and then you can even wear them on top of a swimsuit! They’re just so versatile! We just got this pair that comes in a light and dark wash and is a great price point compared to the other pairs we have seen!

Here are some other great denim short options:


We definitely don’t live by the rule of “no white after Labor Day”, since we wear it all-year-long. They are great especially in the spring and summer because they are so fresh and clean looking. We love them with a pastel top or white for a clean, all-white look. These jeans are a great option and price point. They fit super well and are stretchy! Not joking, we own like 5 or 6 pairs of white jeans, just because we wear them so often!;)

Here are some other great white jeans options:


When we were deciding on what to include in this must-have list, we had a hard time narrowing it down because there are always so many great pieces to include, but when we thought of shoes, we decided that a peep-toe bootie was a great, versatile option. They’re great for spring because they are closed, except for the peep-toe, have a heel for height (and longer looking legs;)), and look great with dresses, jeans, and shorts! This is our current favorite pair that we just got and LOVE, and this pair is super comfy and under $100.

Here are some other great peep-toe bootie options:


Yes, we know, another slip on. We just can’t say (or wear) enough of these. First off, they are literally the most comfortable shoe (except tennis shoes), they come in a ton of colors, they’re under $60, and look great with any kind of outfit. We own them in three colors, and these light pink ones are next on our list for spring!

Here are some other great slip on shoe options: