FAQ- Our Most Frequently Asked Questions– Answered!

Fashion bloggers and identical twins , Samantha and Alexis Belbel behind the blog adoubledose.com

We are Alexis and Samantha– identical twins living in Dallas, TX.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin (HOOK ‘EM!) with degrees in Management Information Systems (we promise it was totally not planned that we majored in the same thing!), we both worked corporate jobs at a public accounting firm before deciding to go after our dreams of running a creative business.

When we aren’t blogging, you can probably find us hanging out with friends or family, trying a new restaurant, or watching football! We love getting to share our love for fashion and creativity with you all and are so happy you are here!


What is your favorite dry shampoo?

We love this Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo!

Do you get your eyebrows microbladed? If so, do you recommend it, and why?

We did have them microbladed a couple years ago, but last year we got semi permanent makeup done on our eyebrows (very similar to microblading), and LOVE the results, even a year later!

What is your favorite nail dip powder?

Our go-to nail dip color is “The Simple Life” Kiara Sky, or “Chit Chat” by Kiara Sky.

More ALL about our nails in this blog post and this podcast episode.

What do you ask for when you get our hair done? I love it and am wanting to replicate it!

That is a great question, and one we get asked all of the time! We have a long bob with balayage (with caramel and honey tones)!

More about our hair in this blog post.

What teeth whitening do you use, and any tips?

We use these whitening pens and got trays made at our dentist’s office! We also use this electric toothbrush and this toothpaste. We also drink our teas out of these glass straws to help with staining!

We also talked about in more detail in this podcast episode!

What is the lipstick you always wear?

We love this one in “naked”. We also LOVE these lip glosses (“naked shimmer” is our fave color!

What self tanner do you all use?

We shared all of our favorite self tanners in this post!


What is the best way to shop your outfits?

The easiest way is to download and follow us in the liketoknow.it app (usernames are @alexis.belbel and @samanthabelbel. You can also shop all of our outfits at the “shop” tab of our blog!

Do you buy petite size clothing for length? I am 5’2″ and have a hard time finding pants that fit.

Yes, we almost always buy the “short’ or “petite” lengths! We know the struggle is real! Stores like Abercrombie, Express, and Loft all offer those!


Do you live with Samantha? I need a twin sister in my life!

Yes! We still live together, and fight 24/7, even though nobody believes that, haha.

What is your nationality?

Both of our parents have European backgrounds. Our mom was born in South America, and our dad was born in Egypt, but their parents were both from different regions in Europe. People always think we are Middle Eastern!

How tall are you?

We are both 5’1″.


What do you all do for your workouts?

We do a lot pilates, yoga, p.volve, walking, rebounding, some weights, and some running. See more of our workouts here!

What juicer do you all use?

We use this one and LOVE it! We have had it for almost 6 months, since we started juicing celery!

Celery juice? What are the benefits to drinking it?

There are SO many benefits! You can read more about it in this post and this last FAQ post. We use this juicer!

I see lots of veggies for meals, but what do you snack on? Looking for ideas besides almonds.

We honestly snack on TONS of fruit. Not joking when we say we eat 4-5 apples a day, in addition to other fruits! We also love dates and baking some sweeter desserts/snacks from Medical Medium’s website, or from online!

We shared what we eat in a day in this post as well!

What are your tricks to staying so motivated with health and fitness?

We honestly think it has to do with lifestyle and habit. It takes a LONG time to get used to living a healthier lifestyle, and we always say, you can’t go from 0 to 100 overnight.

Making small changes over time is the best thing you can do! We started off eating this way for health reasons, but we didn’t do all of this overnight. We have been eating this way for 7 years, so it is a lifestyle, and one we enjoy now. We would say doing little things like eating more vegetables or adding more fruit in are good places to start. Also, swapping soda or sugary coffee for infused or sparkling water is a good one, too!


How did you become a social media influencer?

Great question! We have actually talked all about this in this post and this podcast episode!

Becoming a blogger: where to begin, tips, challenges, how to make steady income.

It can be so overwhelming, and we have talked about it a lot in our podcasts, blog posts, etc. You can read more about in this FAQ post. We always say don’t go into it for the money because that is not something that is going to keep you in it.

You have to be passionate about it, or you’ll hate your life. Yes, it can make money, but it is tough, and you have to be extremely driven. A lot of the girls that we know in this industry are extremely hard working.

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