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Back To School Must Haves

Back To School Must Haves |

To be honest, we were  not the biggest fans of going back to school when we were growing up, as in we dreaded it! We did like getting all of our back-to-school supplies because it was so fun to pick out new stuff, but we just didn’t like the actual school part and would get so much anxiety! We did get to pick out a fun outfit every year for the first day, so we have good memories of that:)

We wanted to share some of our must haves for back-to-school, AND, if you are a student, you get a FREE 6-month trial of Amazon Prime, which is a total game changer! Check out our fave Amazon stuff HERE.

Also, if you’re in college, you can get your textbooks below! Super easy!

As far as things you may need for back-to-school, here are some great buys:

HP Wireless Printer

Love this Color Coded Folder with tabs!

This Planner is perfect to plan out your year and it comes in super fun prints!

An External Hardrive is great for backing up and storing files on there!

This Laptop is on special promo for $500 and has great reviews!

We needed a Water Filter in our apartment, and this one is just $30 and pretty large!

These Hangers are a must for clothes actually staying on, and not sliding off!

This Hamper is amazing because it collapses and pops up and can be used as a tote to carry your laundry around!

This Instant Pot is great for cooking in dorms or small spaces where you don’t have a kitchen!

This Toaster Oven is great for baking stuff in your dorm or small apartment. We used ours ALL of the time!

Of course, you need a Mini Fridge to store some drinks and snacks!

This Backpack is super fashionable and cute for class!

This Weekender Bag is only $32 and fits a ton and is adorable for weekend trips!