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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

Father’s day is only one week away! Don’t worry, though, we have you covered, and major plus: some of them are on prime, so you can get them in just two days!

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We will call out of some of our favorites:

For the pistachio or nut lover, this tray #1 is perfect for snacking on the couch while watching their favorite shows or sports!

If your dad or father figure loves baseball, this bottle opener #2 is made from vintage baseball bats and this baseball blueprint #5 is so cool and you can get it for any stadium!

Calling all coffee lovers: this insulated mug #7 with lid is SO good and stays warm for hours!

Even men need some self care! This scrub #8 smells amazing and Taylor and our dad love it!

Slippers are always a good gift! This pair #10 is a fan favorite and a great buy!

We think a speaker is a great gift for anyone! This one #11 is bluetooth and waterproof!

We were DYING over this mug #16. So perfect for our dad, haha!

Shop ALL of our gift ideas below: