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Gift Guide: Mom

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We are so excited to be sharing this gift guide with you all! We had a few requests to do some gift ideas for parents, so we are sharing a guide for just moms today. They are the most important people, after all, right?! We wanted to share some pieces we love for your mom or motherly figure, as well as some pieces our mom actually has and loves!

Here is a little more about the pieces we chose and why we love them:

This Michele watch (#5) is definitely an investment, but our mom has one, and so do we, and it is SO timeless. We have all had ours for years, and still wear it every day. You can also switch out the bands!

PJ’s are always a great gift! This set (#6) comes in 3 colors!

This black bag (#8) goes with everything. Not going to lie, we totally steal our moms all of the time.. or should we say, borrow!

We love giving a frame as a gift. It is something they can put anywhere, and of course, with a picture of you in it, it is even more special! This frame (#10) is a gorgeous one!

A card case like this one (#12) is great for taking when running errands or going to the gym! We also love it to throw in a small clutch that won’t fit a big wallet.

We don’t know about your moms, but our mom LOVES slippers (#11) and cozy robes (#14). Both would make a great gift!

Our mom just got this Fitbit (#15) and loves it! Highly recommend it, and perfect for the new year!


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