How To Rent Jewelry Monthly for $30

How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comIn case you haven’t seen us post about Switch, they are an awesome subscription service that allows you to rent designer jewelry for under $30 a month. You can rent pieces from great designers like David Yurman, Chanel, Dior, and more! We have actually found out so many cool designers from renting.  In case you have missed our other posts on Switch, you can check them out in this post and this post.How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comTheir site is easy to navigate, and what we love is that you can filter by designer, type of jewelry, and so much more, so it is super easy to browse! They are also constantly adding new pieces to their inventory collections, so you can always have the newest and trendy pieces! Their base plan allows you to have one piece at a time for $29/month, but you can also choose other plans that allow you to have more than one piece per month if you want more  options! We usually go with the  two or three pieces a month just because it gives you more options to mix and match, and then we can constantly find new ways to wear the pieces.How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comHere is a little about the process: All you have to do is: Subscribe, Style, Switch.

  1. Head to www.
  2. Sign Up (be sure to use our code ‘DOUBLEDOSE’ for half off your first month- such a great deal!)
  3. Choose the pieces you would like to rent (you can see exactly what is in stock at any given time, and what is being rented out.

How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comAfter you have selected your pieces, they send them right to you!How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comThere is NO time limit on how long you can keep your rented pieces, which we love because who wants to have a time limit?! When you’re ready to switch them out, you simply send them back with the prepaid label (free shipping both ways, so easy peasy!), and choose your new pieces out. Literally, the easiest process!How To Rent Jewelry Monthly |

How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comThis month, we went with something a little different: This Do Not Disturb Colored Stones Short Bar Necklace (LOVE the colors)!  We also chose two gorgeous rings: this Do Not Disturb Diamond Star Ring and this Do Not Disturb Diamond Loop Ring. We also chose this gold DND Spike Hinge Bracelet.

How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT{ Pink Tee | White Bralette | Gold Michele Watch }

How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comWe also rented some more gorgeous, dainty rings. We chose this Diamond Do Not Disturb Screw Ring and this Diamond Do Not Disturb Curved V ring.

We als chose two necklaces to layer together: this Diamond Do Not Disturb Fringe Necklace and this Diamond Do Not Disturb Triangle Necklace in rose gold. We love the mix of metals!How To Rent Jewelry Monthly | adoubledose.comHow To Rent Jewelry Monthly |

SHOP THE OUTFIT{ Blue Camisole }

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