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Making An Effort To Be More Social

Anyone else ready for spring?! We sure are! This spring inspired look is perfect as we transition into the more spring months, and if you live somewhere cooler, you can totally wear this outfit with some jeans! This blush scarf from Sole Society is super soft, and we wore it two ways so you all could see that you can wear it as a wrap/shawl, or as your typical scarf.

We paired this fuzzy hooded sweater and this denim skirt with these adorable spring booties! We love the side cutout detailing and that they’re under $100! We got a size 7 in these for reference.

Now, I am about to get reeeeal personal (Alexis here). I went through a breakup in the last few months that was not expected, or how I thought this point in my life would go, but as I have experienced many other times, you can’t plan out your life, and just have to roll with it. Life is full of ups and downs, and this is a time for me to grow and learn about myself, which I am more than okay with. If you are going through something similar, I hope that this post will help guide you in some way.

Through learning about myself through this past relationship, and my previous one, I realized a lot of life really happens for a reason. As cliche as it sounds, it couldn’t be more true. I am using this time to do stuff for myself: yoga, work (which I do toooooo much of!), spend time with my family, workout, and be social. I know that sounds obvious, of course be social, but for me, I can be a homebody, and since I have my sister around a lot, I don’t feel the need to be super social and put myself out there as much.

My sister and her boyfriend are so sweet and always make me feel so welcome to crash their party any day, but it is important to have my own things going on. Instead of jumping in the dating world again, I am really taking this time to do stuff when I want to do stuff: sleep in, workout whenever I want to, eat dinner at 4PM or at 10PM, haha, etc.

I think in other relationships, it wasn’t that I wasn’t okay with being alone, but I was ready to move on and date again. This time, I am just not, which is a weird feeling for me. I keep saying tomorrow I may change my mind, but for now, I have really been focusing on making new friends, and continuing my existing friendships.

I told myself that I really needed to put myself out there. So, what did I do? Got on BumbleBFF. Yup, sure did! I had been on there before (but the dating side), and figured why not?! My job is on my phone, so it just makes sense for me, haha. I had met so many of my current friends through social media, and this is just another avenue to make newer friends.

At first, I felt kind of awkward. I wouldn’t say embarrassed, just felt weird swiping through a bunch of girls, but after I went on a few “dates”, I realized there were some really sweet and genuine girls out there!

There have been times I have not felt like going out, and would much rather be at home in my pajamas, but I make myself go, and almost always I have a great time! I end up being able to have good girl talk, vent, and just have fun because that is what it is all about!

I hope this was helpful to you all, and if you have been through something similar or are on the fence about Bumble BFF, you should try it out! Let me know your experiences, would love to hear them!

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