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Wellness Wednesday .20: Our Must Have Running Gear

lifestyle and fashion blogger alexis belbel sharing her running must haves: brooks glycerin sneakers, running socks, lululemon running shorts, foam roller, high impact sports bra, flipbelt running belt , apple watch  |

{ Running Belt | Workout Tanks | Apple Airpods | Pink Rain Jacket | Apple Watch | Garmin Watch | Neon Fresh Foam Sneakers | Brooks Glycerin | Cloudflow Sneakers | Black Jacket | Lululemon Running Shorts | Camo Leggings | Black High Impact Sports Bra | Knee Braces | Foam Roller | Glitter Pepper Spray | Massage Gun | Running Socks }

We are by NO means, expert runners, but since we have been running more frequently, we had some requests to share our running must haves!

Here is what our running schedule looks like right now:

MONDAY: Rest day OR jump on rebounder for 20-30 min

TUESDAY: Reformer Pilates and *optional* jump on rebounder for 15-20 min

WEDNESDAY: Short run (right now 3-4 miles)

THURSDAY: Reformer Pilates and *optional* jump on rebounder for 15-20 min

FRIDAY: Short run (right now 3-4 miles)

SATURDAY: Jump on rebounder for 20-30 min and lift weights either upper or lower body, or combo.

SUNDAY: Longer run (right now about 6 miles).

Running Belt

This is a MUST for holding your phone, keys, chapstick, snacks. This one also stays up on your waist!


These airpods are the ones we wear, but if you want something that doesn’t have as much of a chance of falling out, this pair is great.


This rain jacket is a great one to have for rainy or windy days, and this black one is great for every day runs and layering!

Running Watch

We have both the Apple watch and Garmin watch, and love them both for different reasons.

This Apple watch is great for everything across the board, but if you’re running a lot, we do prefer the Garmin because it is slightly more accurate, and it will give you which zones your heart rate in!

Running Shoes

We tried several running shoes out, and these three are our favorite:

Neon Fresh Foam Sneakers: Sam got these and LOVED them! We got size 7.5 in them for reference.

Brooks Glycerin: I just got these and have been enjoying them. We got size 7.5 in them for reference.

Cloudflow Sneakers: These are loved by so many, and are super light!

Sports Bra

We run in high impact sports bras, and this one is one favorites.

Foam Roller/Massage Gun

We have been foam rolling our IT bands, quads, and hamstrings a ton, and it has helped a lot. This massage gun is also great to roll out those sore muscles.


We usually run in these Align leggings, but these camo leggings are great for running, too, and have a pocket. We are size 2 for reference.

If you’re a short person, these running shorts are great. We are size 4 for reference.

Knee Brace

If you have any kind of knee pain, these braces can help stabilize your knee when you’re running.