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What We Learned In Our Early Twenties

What We Learned in Our Early Twenties | adoubledose.comHappy Tuesday, loves! We are so excited to share this look (and our blog topic today)with you all because SO many of you all had been asking about kimonos, and how to wear them, so we finally tried it out, and let us just say: we will be wearing it on repeat! We love this floral kimono because you can pair it with a pair of denim shorts or white jeans, a simple cami, and some flats or heels, and you’re good to go! You can also throw it over a swimsuit for a day at the beach or pool. They are so lightweight and easy. What We Learned in Our Early Twenties | adoubledose.comWe paired the kimono with this super cute blush chain bag (also comes in some neutral shades) and these blush loafers. These are so comfy, but we do recommend sizing up a half size because they run small. They also come in a ton of colors, but the blush just is a fun natural to switch it up!What We Learned in Our Early Twenties | adoubledose.comMoving on from this outfit that we love, we wanted to share some things we have learned in our early twenties, and will probably continue to keep learning. Some of these sound so obvious, but when you think about your life this far, you will remember all the times you have probably already learned some of these.

Take Good Care Of Yourself And Your Health: Although we are both very healthy people, we have learned so much about our health, mentally and physically, this year. We have always been conscious about what we are eating, but we have become more careful, more than ever, about where the source of our food is coming from, what water we are drinking, etc. We have started to meditate every morning, take more time off of work, and attempt to slow down a little bit, and be present. 

We are extremely type-A, so this can be challenging, but your health is more important than anything, so don’t take it for granted!

Don’t Care What Others Think: This is a tough one, and trust us, we struggle with it all of the time. It can be so easy to be concerned what every person thinks about anything in your life: your dating your life, your job, your clothing, etc. You have to do what works for you, not what works for everyone else. You are the one who ultimately needs to live with your decisions. Most people giving their opinions are unhappy with their own decisions.

Listen To Your Gut: As corny as it sounds, your gut always knows the right path for yourself. It may seem like the “wrong” choice in the beginning, but your gut knows. Your first instinct is usually the right one, so believe in yourself.

What We Learned in Our Early Twenties | adoubledose.comStop Comparing Yourself To Others: Another tough one for us to follow through with. Competing with others will set you up for failure, and not in a good way. Everyone goes through life in their own path, and in their own time. You have to know that there is a certain path for you, and it may be different than everyone else’s. Stay in your own lane (as much as you can), and focus on what will make YOU feel successful and happy.

Things Don’t Work Out For A Reason: Like that old saying, “Doors close, so other ones can open”. It can be so hard in the initial moment of rejection to feel down about the situation, but it always turns out for the better. There is always a plan and reason for why things didn’t go the way you had planned them to go, it is just hard waiting for that realization to come.

Failure Can Be Good: We have all heard this one before, but really, it is so true. If you’re failing at something, it means you’re trying, which is a whole lot better than wishing something would happen, or not even attempting it. You have to go through failures to appreciate the successes in your life. They are not always fun, but they most definitely teach you some important lessons.What We Learned in Our Early Twenties | adoubledose.comSet Realistic Expectations: Of course, you always want to set high goals for yourself, but if you set them too high, or unrealistic, you will be disappointed. Set expectations that are realistic, but also make you work hard to achieve them.

Try To Be Open-Minded: Life is full of unexpected opportunities and experiences, but if you’re not open to them, then you are setting yourself up to miss out on some potentially great times. This is something that we are both working on, as we can be pretty set in our ways, but honestly, we can both say, almost every time we have let our guard down, and have tried something new, we have had the best time. You will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you do!All of these accessories are from one of our favorite retailers, Sole Society. They have the best pieces from sunglasses, to shoes, to bags for traveling and everyday, all at a great price point! We honestly live in their stuff most of the time 😉 What We Learned in Our Early Twenties |

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