10 Things We Would Tell Our Younger Selves

10 Things We Would Tell Our Younger Selves | adoubledose.comSHOP THE OUTFIT

Happy Thursday, y’all! We wanted to starting to share some more personal posts with you all since we seem to get great feedback when we do so:)

We are usually pretty private people (yes, we know that makes ZERO sense considering our job, lol). We are both pretty confident people for the most part, and know what we want, don’t like, and do like, but when you have so much of your life and job focused on social media, it can be hard to share EVERYTHING. It does open yourself up to tons of criticism, and luckily, we both really haven’t encountered it that often, so thank you ALL for your constant support and sweet words. We wanted to share 10 things we would tell our younger selves. Some of these are still things we both work on a constant basis, but we thought they would be good to share with y’all!

Learn How to Deal with Criticism and Rejection

This is one that we have definitely dealt with in our 20’s, and especially more and more recently. This can be at school, at work, or in your personal life. It is totally okay, and part of life. As much as it sucks when it happens, it makes you that much stronger of a person, and you grow so much from it. You just have to tell yourself that things will play out the way they are supposed to, keep your chin up, and move on!

You Have to Be Your Own Top Priority

This sounds like a no-brainer, but really, you do. We will be honest and say, we both tend to be more selfish, and focus on ourselves first, rather than someone like our mom, who always will worry about others fist. Some people see it as selfish, but you really can’t be your best self if you don’t or can’t focus on your personal needs. We think this goes as far as taking care of yourself from a health perspective (cooking and eating healthier, working out, etc) to in other relationships, like sticking up for yourself and respecting your thoughts and opinions.

You Need to Become Someone You Can Love Before You Can Love Someone Else

This is a MAJOR one. It sounds so silly, but it’s true. You can’t expect anyone to make you love yourself, if you don’t to begin with. Loving yourself to us means caring for your own health and needs, and you can’t do that for someone else well, if you aren’t doing it well for yourself.

Learn to Stick Up For Yourself

Okay, sometimes we may be too good at this, as in, I (Alexis) will keep pushing and make it known that I was messed with, and it will never happen again;) While it is great to stand up for yourself and your worth, it is equally important to know when to see the other perspective. You should never let anyone make you feel “not worthy”, and you should always stand up for what you believe in, in a kind, respectful way.

Get Comfortable Saying No

Yes, this was on our resolutions, and one that we both struggle with A LOT. There will be times you feel like you have to do something you may not want to do to make someone else happy, but we both tend to over-commit ourselves, and in the end, we are the one’s upset and stressed out. It is important to really focus on the things that you want to be at and do, and kindly and respectively say “no” to the things that may not do much for you mentally and emotionally. When we have done it, it has felt so good!

The People You Surround Yourself With Should Be The Ones That Support Your Growth

This one is super important, and one that we are learning all of the time. We really do think who you surround yourself says a lot about yourself and what your values are. Of course, not every single person you are with will be exactly like you, haha. Even, we aren’t exactly the same and don’t see eye-to-eye on things. With that being said, though, it is so important to be around people that leave you feeling energetic and positive. People that raise you up and are genuinely happy for your successes. A lot of the times, it seems like people that can’t be that way for you are ones that are either jealous, or unhappy with the way their life is at that time. Either way, it works better for everyone if you surround yourself with people that support you and your dreams.

Try Something New Every Week or Every Day

Okay, another important one;) We are not the best and getting out of our routine and pushing ourselves to do something new and different. Example: I (Alexis) am extremely set in my ways and hate when I have to get off my routine. I like to be home and in my comfy pajamas by like 11PM, so if I am out later than that, I will probably complain nonstop;) I am really trying to work on this and push myself to be open to trying new things, even if it is roller blading and falling all over the place like an idiot!

Listen More and Talk Less

This is one that we are both trying to work on, me especially (Alexis) is being present, and actively listening aka not being on my phone when someone is talking to me. We are both definitely not people who like to be talking all of the time, rather, we would rather be listening, but if someone asks us a question about health or fitness, or even fashion, we could talk forever, haha. You can learn a lot more when you let others talk and share their stories.

Believe in Yourself 

This one is a tough one and it is mentally testing every day. We both experience this a lot, especially when we left our corporate job. It can be so tough to doubt yourself, and convince yourself you will mess up or make mistakes, but you have to tell yourself you can achieve anything you think you can, and take the necessary steps to get there! 

You Are Only Responsible For Yourself

We both tend to focus on why things went unplanned or wrong, but the truth is sometimes, you have to just focus on yourself, and what you can do to change the situation.

Let us know what you’ve learned or your thoughts in the caption! Xo