Alternatives To Going Out

Alternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comIt is finallyyyy the weekend! This week has felt so long for some reason, or just kind of felt “off”. Has that ever happened to you all? We are back today with a requested topic: what do if you don’t exactly love going out. We are probably a very small percentage of 20 somethings that don’t exactly like “going out”. Even in college, we would go out, but it wasn’t one of our favorite things to do. Of course, it can be hard when it seems like almost ALL of your friends and acquaintances enjoy doing that in his/her free time. Alternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comWe wanted to share some of our tips that we have used in the past (and still today) to deal with it. First off, we want to tell you all that we FULLY believe in sticking true to yourself and what you enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter if everyone else, except for you is doing that. It can be hard when you feel like you’re alone in that regard, and can be hard to not fall into peer-pressure (we have all been there).Alternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comSome of our tips/alternatives for not going out are:

  • Meet people that have common interests with you, or have other hobbies besides going out
  • Get involved in other activities like volunteering, working out, etc.
  • Go out to brunch/dinner with friends (even if they are drinking or “partying”, you can still have a nice meal and have fun!)
  • Embrace going out once in a while (we still have fun sipping water!)

Alternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comAlternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comTo be honest, we can both be a little reserved, but that isn’t really the reason that we don’t particularly enjoy going out. We are just more of a “chill” type of person, and enjoy going out to dinner or a movie, or just hanging in with friends or family.Alternatives To Going Out | adoubledose.comNow, about this outfit: These super cute suede clogs and pink clutch are from Sole Society. They are seriously our go-to for sandals and booties all-year-round. All of their stuff is a great price point (usually under $100!) We also love all of their bags and accessories. This striped tee is a great basic top for spring and is super cute layered under this cardigan.Alternatives To Going Out |

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