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Gift Guide: Frequent Flyer

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Today, we are sharing a travel gift guide for all you jet-setters, or anyone that you know that is a frequent flyer! We are sharing our favorites below, and trust us, they are some key pieces that you will LOVE!

Here is a little more about the pieces we chose and why we love them:

A great set of luggage is a must. This rose gold set (#1) is super cute!

Staying hydrated while traveling is super important! This marble bottle (#2) keeps your drinks hot and cold for a long time!

These boots (#5) are a favorite of ours, and they changed the design of them so they are easily packable!

This quilted tote (#6) holds so much and comes in 4 colors!

We always like to travel with a lot of jewelry options, so this jewelry case (#10) is great to keep it all organized.

We are both nuts when it comes to keeping our phones charged. We highly recommend a power bank (#9) like this one when traveling.

If you’re not sure what to get someone on your list, a Southwest gift card (#11) is a great option so they can plan a fun trip somewhere!

This cozy shawl (#17) is perfect for long flights, or just throwing on when you’re touring a new city.


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