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Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comHappy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. The sun FINALLY came out yesterday, and it was amazing. Y’all, we have literally had rain for over a week, and it was literally starting to get so depressing. We are both headed on a short little getaway together that is much needed. You all probably can tell that we usually will go on trips ( we traveled a ton last spring and summer for the blog) a lot, but the last time we took a trip that wasn’t work-related was like… never, haha. We know that sounds SO silly, but literally almost everything we do is related to work in some way or another. We are pretty burnt out, so we decided to take a mini vacay that allowed us to really slow down. We wanted to kind of open up a little about that, but before we do, we wanted to talk about this spring outfit that is just perfect and SO easy! The main star of this outfit: the blush satchel bag. LOVE.Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comThis bag is just the perfect bag for spring, and really, all summer! It holds a good amount, and we just love the detailing on it! We paired it with these suede peep-toe booties that are so comfy and the perfect color for spring and summer– such a good neutral!
Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comWe paired one of our favorite dresses (super flattering) with an olive utility jacket, which is a great piece for layering, and a light, floral scarf. These are all great pieces to throw on because you can strip down as it gets warmer out!Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comAnd, now for our main topic: honesty hour about…Instagram. We want to preface this by saying that we LOVE what we do, and are eternally grateful for all of you all, especially those of you who have been following us for a long time. If you all aren’t bloggers, you probably haven’t noticed anything funky with Instagram, and trust us, if we weren’t so immersed in the social media world, we probably wouldn’t have, either. Instagram has gotten kind of funky recently in probably the last year, specifically the last couple of months. They changed the feed so it is not chronologically in order (similar to Facebook), and now people’s posts are just kind of all over the place. It doesn’t matter what time of day you post, some of your followers will either not see the post, or it will just get “hidden” somewhere.Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comIt can honestly be so discouraging on our ends. Obviously, our job unfortunately places a lot of weight and focus on numbers (follower amounts, likes, etc), and in turn, we kind of use those numbers to rate our “success”, if that makes sense. It sounds so silly, we know, but it is kind of the reality. Because of this new algorithm, and people’s  posts not being seen, there have been opportunities for brands and influencers to purchase “likes” and followers. Of course, like any other industry, comparison is a real thing. Trust us, we have read countless articles and have tried to not get caught in the “comparison trap”, but if you’re already in a down mood, and the comparison mood crawls up on you, it i just not a good combination, haha.Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comWe totally understand that social media is advertising, and like any other business, there are costs associated with marketing, etc. So, in this case, we can understand that brands paying for false engagement can be seen as a business cost, but it can be frustrating for influencers and brands, like us, that choose to not go that route. You are, of course, going to compare yourself, as are brands that you could potentially be working with. Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comAgain, we want to express how grateful we are for all of you that support us and send us super sweet, encouraging messages. It truly means the world to us and makes our days and weeks!  We definitely try and focus that energy on the positives, but we just wanted to be more honest about it since we feel like nobody really talks about it.Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comIn case you have not been seeing a lot of our posts on Instagram (we did get a lot of messages from you girls saying that, in fact, you were missing a ton of our posts), if you “like” and comment something on our pictures more frequently, you should start seeing more of our posts in your feed. Some of you all told us you tried that, and it actually worked, so that is really encouraging!

You can also follow along with ALL of our outfits at for Alexis, and for Samantha!Honesty Hour With Instagram | adoubledose.comIn case you want to check out where these bags and shoes are from, or some similar, super cute pieces, Sole Society is hands down our fave brand for accessories and shoes. Seriously, the cutest stuff! Our mom is even hooked on their pieces, too! 😉

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