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Just Like New

If you’re like us, then you LOVE bright shoes! We admit we actually enjoy looking like human highlighters 🙂 Add that to working out and basically living in our workout gear, and you have super dirty tennis shoes! Ew!

We have used our bestie, Google, to find ways to clean these suckers, but haven’t really found a great method that gets them back to their bright selves. THEN, we came up with this method, and it works great!

How to Clean Tennis Shoes- A few easy steps to make those tennis shoes sparkling clean again-like new! | Double Dose Fitness


1. Grab all of your dingy shoes.
2. Spray those suckers with some stain removal spray (We use Tide Stain Release).
3. Grab your dirty laundry or towels/sheets and stick those in your washer like you normally would, but leave a little room for yor shoes.
4. Toss the pre-treated shoes in with the clothes/sheets/towels.
5. Put in your detergent, softener, etc. like you normally would, and run it on “normal”.
6. Take laundry and clean shoes (yay!) out of washer.
7 Let shoes air dry on top of the washer/dryer for about 24 hours (we have seen other methods of drying them in the dryer for faster drying time).
8. Sport your brand, spanking new shoes to the gym, and kill that workout!