Learning To Unplug

Learning To Unplug | Happy Thursday! We are so excited to be talking about this topic with you all today because it is honestly been something we have been struggling with for a long time. You all already know that we are going through some health issues right now, and one of the main reasons behind our struggles is stress and anxiety. Before we get into that topic, we wanted to talk about these accessoriesfrom Sole Society that we have been living in (more specifically last weekend!). If you all haven’t checked out their stuff, you will LOVE! All great price points (usually under $100) and are so well made! These elastic wedges are SO comfortable and they go with everything! We wore them on the plane, and then all weekend, so they’re great for summer travels coming up! they fit TTS, and are so easy to take on and off, so great for security lines 😉
Learning To Unplug | adoubledose.comWe paired them with this round neutral cross-body bag that is also a must because it goes with everything! It also comes in black, just like the wedges. We always gravitate towards neutrals, but if you’re more of a black person, they are super cute, too. You can fit a phone a credit card case in the bag, so it is perfect for a getaway or night out!Learning To Unplug | adoubledose.comIn case you haven’t had a chance to listen to our latest podcast episode, we were talking about the retreat we were just on and all of the amazing things we learned, more specifically, unplugging. To be honest, it is something we have been struggling with for a long time. We are both very type A people, and have been this way for most of our lives. When we were on this retreat, we felt so much more relaxed, considering we were there with a lot of other influencers, but we just felt more at peace, and didn’t feel rushed to go post on Instagram. We met the Ancient Nutrition team, and the co-founder, Dr. Josh Axe, and his wife, Chelsea. Josh was talking about how important it is to unplug from work, and really take time off. Of course, we have heard that a zillion times, and know we need to, but the reality is that it is really difficult to do.Learning To Unplug | adoubledose.comNot going to lie, we are totally burnt out, and feeling the effects of it now on our health. We are not saying us being stressed is what made us this sick, but it has definitely contributed to it. There is a lot of guilt associated with not posting consistently, or taking a day off (gasp!). When we worked our corporate jobs, of course we had most weekends off, but now, there really isn’t a day off. Of course, we can take days off whenever we want, but we truly love what we do, so it makes it so much harder to do that. We want to be able to connect with you all, and taking one day off feels like we are slacking or not doing our job well.

It sounds silly, but it is the truth! After Josh talked about how important it is to decompress and unplug from work. He was saying he struggled with the same  issues that we are experiencing and that it took him several years to not feel guilty taking a day off. It really hit home for us, so here are some of the things we are going to be trying to do to unplug more:

  • Take one day off each week
  • Post before 9 PM on weekdays and stay off phone/laptop  for the reminder of night
  • Be present at meals, and not on phones
  • Meditate or do yoga at least once a day

Do you all have any tips, or have things you have been doing to unplug? Would love to hear them!

Learning To Unplug |
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