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Our Essentials For Running

Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comHappy Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend. We had the most gorgeous weather this weekend, so we took full advantage and got to be outside a good amount. Hope you all are as ready for spring as we are!;) Speaking of nice weather, it is starting to get nicer out, so that means we are going to try and get outside more for some runs. We got more into running last year, and it can be so refreshing! We wanted to share some of our running essentials with you all because we get asked a lot of questions about what our favorites are.

Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comTo start with, having a good pair of earphones is KEY. We cannot run without music or something to listen to. These earphones are wireless, so they connect via bluetooth. These actually stay in your ears! We also just got these Apple AirPods and love them, too. These stay in, too and when you pull them out, the music stops.Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comAnother essential is a fitness tracker. We both have an Apple watch. One of us has the Series 1, and one of us has the Series 2. They both are great watches. Samantha also has this Garmin watch, and it has a GPS and is great for running.Our Essentials For Running | Our Essentials For Running | When we are headed out on a run, we like to layer up, and take off layers as we get warmer outside. A good quarter-zip jacket is a great piece because it is light enough that you won’t be super hot, but it keeps you warm. This one is a great material, too!Our Essentials For Running | Our Essentials For Running | Our Essentials For Running | As far shoes, we get asked a lot about what our favorite running shoe is. We have these Mizuno shoes and swear by them. They are very supportive and comfortable for long and short runs. We also recommend getting insoles for them.
Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comWe also recommend a highly supportive sports bra to keep your girls tucked in, and not bouncing everywhere, haha. This one is a great bra!Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comWe both usually run in sunglasses like this classic pair, or we will wear a baseball cap to keep the sun out of our eyes.Our Essentials For Running | We usually like a basic black legging crop, but we also wanted to share some of our fave leggings below:

Our Essentials For Running | Our Essentials For Running | adoubledose.comYou can find so many great fitness pieces at eBay. What we love about it is that it is a one-stop-shop to find the latest trends and brands. A lot of pieces actually ship for free and are actually new, and not used! If you’re not really into bidding for items, there are a ton of items that are “Buy It Now”, which is more up our alley! We also love that they offer quick shipping on a lot of items that ship in less than three days, yes please! Our Essentials For Running |

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