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Our Favorite Sweet Snacks

lifestyle and fashion blogger alexis belbel sharing healthy sweet snacks that are vegan and organic : bare apple chips, plantain chips,  |

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We are all at home, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite sweet snacks. We haven’t tried all of these, but the ones we haven’t, have great reviews. In case you missed our healthier snack options, you can find that post here.


Sam is a MAJOR chocoholic, so to keep her satisfied, she loves any of the Hu Chocolate Bars. This one is raspberry and cashew butter and so good.

If you like chocolate patties, we love these Heavenly Organics honey patties because the ingredients are so good.

If you’re a peanut butter cup fan, these Unreal peanut butter cups are insanely good and much better ingredients than Reese’s. Also, these Eating Evolved coconut butter cups are also amazing.

We haven’t had a chance to try these That’s It truffles. The ingredients are ON POINT.

Caramel lovers, you all HAVE to try these coconut milk caramels!


If you’re a candy lover, these Smart Sweets are a fan favorite and come in so many flavors. Healthy eater or not, you’ll love this take on your favorite candies.

Starburst lovers, these Chewie Fruities are so good and made with more natural ingredients.

For those of you that like hard candies, these lemon manuka honey drops are full of amazing nutrients!


You all already know we LOVE our Bare apple chips. They’re so good, and just made of apples, that is it!

These plantain chips are really good and made with great ingredients!