Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable

Everyone wants to be accountable, but sometimes, when life gets busy, all of the things you want to do, don’t get done, even if they are goals of yours! We struggle with this A LOT since, like you all, we are juggling so many things on our plates. The stuff you want to do gets pushed to the side, and the stuff you need to do gets put first.

The truth is, the stuff you want to do, is probably stuff you need to do, too! Things like getting in steps, working out, taking time for yourself like treating yourself to a massage, manicure, etc are things we all need to do and should do for ourselves!

Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable  |

We are pretty good about getting in our workouts most days, just because it has become part of our lifestyle, but other days, we are on our couch or at our desks with our laptops glued to us. This means that we get maybe 1,000 steps in, which is awful! The only way we stay accountable is by wearing a fitness tracker watch like this Garmin Vivomove HR.

We love that we can measure how many steps we have gotten in every day, and it really does push us to get up and get moving, whether it is taking our dog, Lucy on a walk, or just jumping on our rebounder for a few minutes to take a break.

Unlike other fitness watches, this one looks like a true fashionable watch that you would wear every day, but it also tracks all of your fitness activity! It is a hybrid watch, so you get the best of both worlds: a watch with ticking hands and a touchscreen with a hidden display! You can also switch out the bands for a different look, or depending on your outfit.

We are wearing the rose gold with the grey suede band, and we also are in love with this gold one with a black embossed Italian leather band.

This one is super cool because the smartwatch features only appear when you turn your wrist to glance at your watch, so it is not super distracting. When you switch into the smartwatch feature, the hands move out of the way so you can see the screen really well! Isn’t that cool?

Some other cool things about this watch are that you can control your music, get notifications for things like incoming calls, texts, and calendar reminders. We love this feature because we can see what we need to, without a big distraction on the watch.

It also keeps us accountable with regards to stress and relaxation. This is something that both of us are majorly working on! If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that finding balance between work and life is a struggle for us. This watch has wellness monitoring tools like all-day stress tracking and a relaxation timer that help us manage stress.

Another feature that is VERY important to us is not having to charge our devices all of the time;) We were so surprised at how long the battery lasts! You can go up to five days in smart mode without charging, and two weeks in regular watch mode (with just the hands telling time).

Some other ways we keep ourselves accountable are by journaling and keeping a running list of things we want to accomplish such as being more present. It is a good way to check back and see if we are making any progress!

We also like to support ourselves with positive people that keep us accountable and also have similar goals to us. It is also important to tell your support system what your goals are so they can also keep you accountable and you can keep them updated on your progress, no matter what your goals are!

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