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What Our Diet Consists Of


What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comHappy Wednesday! We are so excited to be back with another fitness post. We have been getting SO many requests to share our workouts and diet, etc. In case you missed any of our fitness posts, you can check them all out here. We are going to be sharing what we eat/what our diet consists of, but before we get into that we are going to share a little more about this super versatile workout outfit from Lolë . We love what they stand for (Live Out Loud Every Day).

They have the cutest activewear that you can wear from the gym to errands. What we love especially about them is that all of their stuff is versatile and high-performance (and also moisture-wicking!)  These crops are AMAZING, especially if you’re petite, or have shorter legs like us. They come in 4 colors (we are wearing black!)

What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comWhat Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comThese crops also have a really cool feature in them, COOLMAX ® ALL SEASON, which keeps your body cooler on the hot runs, but also keeps you warmer on chillier days. How cool is that?!What Our Diet Consists Of |

What Our Diet Consists Of |

What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comThis white tank comes in 5 colors and has moisture-wicking and also has antimicrobial protection. Besides all of these amazing features, we love the fit of it, and how the back has a mesh racerback.

What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comWhat Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comWe threw on this hooded jacket for cooler temps (comes in 5 colors and is SO soft and cozy!)What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comAnd, now for more about what we eat! It is probably one of our most asked questions (besides what our workouts are, haha). We honestly eat very plain and boring most of the time. We have tracked macros and calories in the past, but it is honestly just too much for us, and causes too much anxiety. You have to ultimately figure out what works best for you, and we do think it is a great place to start if you’re wanting to stay on track or get an idea of how much/what you’re eating/keep yourself accountable!
What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comIf you do decide you want to track your calories or macros, we suggest using MyFitnessPal and/or calculate your macros using a website like this one.What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comSince we don’t really track our calories, it is hard to say how much we typically eat in a day, but our guess would be between 1800-2200 calories. Don’t let that number make you think you should eat any less or more than you already are;)! Instead of tracking calories or macros, we definitely do pay close attention to nutrition labels and ingredients, and portion sizes. It isn’t always necessarily what you’re eating, but more how much of it you’re eating. For example, things like nuts, chips, popcorn, etc, are not bad for you at all, but if you eat the whole bag’s worth, instead of a cup, that changes a lot.
What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comWhen we are eating at home, we use a food scale or measuring cups to have correct portion sizes for things like protein, grains, etc. You definitely don’t have to do this, but if you’re wanting to be more accurate, we suggest it! We will be sharing what we typical eat for each meal below, and we also shared it in this post.What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comOur diet mainly consists of lean proteins, like fish, eggs, chicken, steak, etc., fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and nuts/seeds. We don’t do a ton of diary just because we don’t feel the best eating it, but Greek yogurt is a great option, too! If you don’t do dairy, you can also do lactose-free yogurt or coconut yogurt. We usually stick to a protein, carb, and fat at each meal. This article talks more about macronutrients, and why they’re important! Eating protein keeps you full, and vegetables give you fiber, so we always eat those in every meal!Example of what we eat in a day (obviously this varies!):

Breakfast (7-8am): 

Green tea with stevia and lemon juice to drink!

Snack (10-11am):

If we aren’t at the gym, we will snack on some GG crackers, raw almonds, or some cut up vegetables like carrots or cucumbers with some hummus or this Greek yogurt ranch dressing.

What Our Diet Consists Of | adoubledose.comWhat Our Diet Consists Of |

Lunch (12-2pm):

  • about 3-4 oz grilled chicken/rotisserie chicken (bought at Sam’s club or any grocery store) with a salad made with romaine lettuce/spring mix with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, etc. For dressing, we use balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar and salt and pepper. We also use mustard on our salads. SO good!
  • 3-4 oz of salmon or can of tuna with salad (above) or sautéed vegetables like zucchini, mushrooms, onions, etc in a tablespoon of coconut oil 

Snack (3-5pm):


What Our Diet Consists Of |

Dinner (6-8pm):

  • similar to lunch, 3-4 oz of lean protein (can be a turkey or chicken patty, too) with salad or oven roasted veggies (made with coconut oil) with some kabocha squash or just a lot of vegetables (you could also have butternut squash, sweet potato, rice, etc.– about 1/2 cup)
  • sometimes we just have eggs (2 eggs, 2 whites) with vegetables and salsa
  • spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and 3-4oz of grilled chicken or shrimp

Dessert (9-11pm):

**Again this is not exact, but to get an idea!

What Our Diet Consists Of |

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