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Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice

Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comHappy Thursday! We are off to Mexico today for a fun trip, so be sure to check out our stories and Instagram accounts to follow along! We have been getting SOOOO many questions about the celery juice we have been drinking every morning. We wanted to talk all about that in this post to cover all of that, but before we get into that, we wanted to talk about this easy, transitional fall look with you all! When we are heading into fall, we are all about pairing some jeans with some booties and an easy wrap or sweater! All of the accessories we have here are from Sole Society, and we seriously LOVE their stuff. It is all so affordable and so pulled together. Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comThis exact wrap sold out, but we did find this one that is really cute! We paired it with this grey bag (great for all year, especially fall!) and these black booties that are ahhhmazing. Love these so much that we got them in the neutral color, too. We went for some dark jeans and a black tee with this, but you could also do a skirt or dress underneath!
Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comNow, alllll about the celery juice. In case you missed our podcast episode on this, you can listen here. We started following The Medical Medium about a month ago, and have been all about his protocol ever since. We honestly never thought we would be drinking juices, let alone, be eating mostly plant-based, but we can honestly say it has been the best thing we have done recently! We shared about our health struggles in this post, but basically we have tried everything else to feel better, and this is the only thing that we have seen benefits from. Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comSo, you are probably wondering, “Why the celery juice?” The Medical Medium talks all about it here, but basically it has a TON of benefits including lowering blood pressure, prevents chronic diseases, has anti-inflammatory properties, lowers cholesterol, prevents digestive disorders, and balances blood sugar, just to name a few! The benefits are endless. It sounds too good to be true, but we honestly haven’t felt this much energy in a long time. We are definitely not 100%, but we are feeling better and feel like we are on the mend.
Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comIt is best to drink the celery juice alone (we drink it right after we drink some lemon water upon waking). We do not combine it with any other vegetables, just the PLAIN celery.Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comWe are going to answer some common questions we have gotten below:


We use this juicer and use one head of celery to make ONE serving of celery juice. So, for both of us, we use two heads of celery. All you have to do is rinse off the celery, put it in your juicer, and that’s it! If you do use a vitamix, you will have to strain out the pulp.


It is best to drink on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning before eating! If not, you can drink it 15-30 minutes before eating.Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comCAN YOU MAKE IT AHEAD OF TIME?

According to our research, it is best to make it fresh the day of, but if you have to, you can make it 24 hours ahead of time, and store it in a sealed jar in the fridge.


We honestly like it now, but it is a little bitter. You get used to it, and knowing it is so good for you, helps a lot! It tastes better than eating straight celery. Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice | adoubledose.comCAN YOU JUST EAT THE CELERY?

`According to our research, to get the maximum benefits, you have to remove the pulp. You will not be able to consume enough of the celery by eating it to get the benefits.

Why We Are Drinking Celery Juice |

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