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Work From Home Essentials + Tips

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Hope you all are hanging in there! Since we are all at home, and some of us are working from home, or trying to stay productive, we thought we’d share some of our essentials. We found most of these great work from home items on Amazon, so you can get them very quickly!

Stay On Schedule

Working from home can be challenging when it comes to staying on a schedule! We recommend using a planner to stay organized, and also a time cube if you need to manage your tasks more efficiently!

Stay Cozy + Comfortable

We are all about cozy loungewear! We love pairing a cozy top like this super soft grey v-neck top, and this pale pink sweatshirt. We like to wear them with some comfy joggers. This pink pair is super soft and can be worn to bed. This tan pair comes in lots of colors, and this black pair comes in 2 other colors.

Of course, you’ll need some cozy slippers. We just got this pair and LOVE them!

Work Efficiently

To work more efficiently, we need to stay hydrated, so we love this heated mug because it keeps your tea or coffee warm for hours.

This laptop desk is perfect for sitting on the couch or anywhere at home comfortably!

Taking calls or listening to music is much more convenient with these noise canceling headphones. These are the best.

We love having all of our devices charged together, so this charging dock is great to leave by your bed or work station.

To feel calmer and relaxed, we love bringing in plants and a diffuser to help us clear our heads.