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Best Of: Workout Tops

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Happy Thursday! We have gotten a few requests to do a post with some of our fave workouts tops, and we thought it was such a good idea! Y’all know we are super into working out and fitness, and we all know new workout gear is what gets us all motivated, right?

We wanted to put together some of our favorite tops that can be worn in and out of the gym, without looking frumpy, but also serve a purpose!


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We recommend a good short-sleeved top for layering up, especially when it is too hot for long-sleeves, and too cold for a tank. This one (#1) is a great neutral color and can be worn with some bright leggings, or just basic black!

We own this black tank (#2) and it comes in several other colors. Just a good basic racerback tank!

A higher neckline tank like this one (#4) is just super flattering and makes your arms and shoulder look more cut. Just a fun fact! 😉

LOVEEE this asymmetrical cut of this one (#5)! And, it comes in black!

If y’all are feeling risky, this crop top (#6) is suuuuper cute! Just sayin’

How fun is the back of this tank (#8)?! The cutout doesn’t come up too high, which we love!

If you’re looking for a long sleeve top, (#9) and (#12) are both good options! Love how they are more fitted for layering up.

This twisted top is a MUST (#10). You can wear it straight from the gym to errands or brunch without looking like you worked out!

If you’re an outdoor runner, this top (#11) is for you! It actually glows in the dark!