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Gift Guide: Self Care

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If you’re stuck on what to get someone on your holiday list, something in the self-care area is always a thoughtful gift! Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves every once in a while? We know we do! Whether you’re shopping for a girl or guy (or yourself), all of these gifts are great ones to think about.

A cosmetic bag that can be used for toiletries and makeup is a great gift for any girl (or guy). How fun is this polka dot one (#1) and this watermelon-printed one (#10)?!

We swear by our electric toothbrushes and they truly keep your teeth clean! This one is a super pretty rose gold color for girls (#2), and this black one for guys (#11) is awesome because it has bluetooth connectivity!

If you’re looking for something cozy, this soft robe (#13) is great for guys, and these super soft Ugg slippers are great for girls (#6).

The less hair, the better, right?! This hair reduction device (#9) makes your hair less visible and gets rid of your hair permanently! This shaver for guys (#16) can be used in the shower, or out of the shower (wet or dry!)

Walmart has a great selection of gifts ranging from stocking stuffers to self-care items, like the ones we shared, all at a great price point. Even if you’re shopping on a budget, you can still find quality gifts that your loved ones will love! Their Braun and Oral B products are great, and we highly recommend them because of their quality and value.

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