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Happy Birthday To My Person

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It is our 26th birthday today! We wanted to share a different type of post today. Last year, we shared a bunch of facts about ourselves, but this year, we wanted to talk about what it is really like to be a twin, and what we love, and sometimes don’t like so much about it. We are each going to share some personal thoughts, so you all can see how we are different (and similar).

It is something so hard to explain or understand, unless you are a twin. The bond is so unique. I know we have met tons of twins along the years, and a lot of them are super competitive, or just lead totally opposite lives. For us, we have always been close. Growing up, we went to a private school, so we were always in the same class. When we went to a public high school, and still had the same classes together. Of course, we like any siblings, we can be competitive. In the end, though, we are always happy for each other’s successes, even if it means both us can’t always win.Our Stay At The Axiom Hotel + A SF/Napa Recap | adoubledose.comA lot of the stuff we argue about revolves around stuff a married couple would argue about (we refer to ourselves as that sometimes, haha) like laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting gas, etc. We literally have an argument about who is going to drive if we are going somewhere together. Some other things we argue about is work, of course. As you all know, we share the actual blog, but we have our own instagram pages. We usually shoot each other’s pictures, so we will always have an argument when we are both being super picky about how we look in a picture, or who’s going to post the same backdrop first. I know it sounds SO silly and superficial, but it is the truth of what goes on behind the scenes. We both do still live together, and so we will argue about one of us not paying a certain bill, or someone not picking up after themselves, but the GREAT thing about living with your sister, especially twin, is that there is zero filter. We just say it how it is, and we don’t have to be “nice” about it. We also get over arguments super quickly, as in seconds. One second we will be yelling at each other, and then the next second, we act as if nothing even happened and are perfectly happy. It is so odd, but that is how it has always been.

Our Stay at Breathless Cabo Resort + Spa | adoubledose.comI could go on and on about how much we argue, and how much we love each other, haha, but now we wanted to talk a little bit more about each other, and how we see the other person.

About Samantha:
“Sam”, as I refer to her as, is literally the other half of me. As silly as it sounds, it is the truth. I know a lot of people would say we are codependent, and can’t do anything without the other, I would say that it is more that I just am not the same person without her. She is the person I trust more than anyone in the world. I know I can tell her anything that I am struggling with, and that she will have my back no matter what. Well, I will take that back, I did tell her I shaved my legs (before I was allowed to), and she ran and told my mom, but other than that 😉 A lot of people don’t realize that although we are identical, we do have differences in personalities. When we were younger, she was a lot more organized and neat than I was, and a lot more dedicated in school. Not that I wasn’t, but she was way more, until high school.

Growing up, I was more outgoing and more willing to try adventurous things, while she was more reserved, and wanted me to try them first. Now, I would say she can be more open-minded to certain things than I would be. I can definitely be more of the stickler when it comes to eating healthier. She is a chocoholic, as in if there is ANY dessert, and it is missing chocolate, she will always say, “It would be better if it had chocolate!” She is older than me by 11 minutes, and she has always wanted to boss me around and be my second mom, haha.

I am not joking, if we are apart or out of town separately, we will talk non-stop, and it is too funny because I feel like I have to fill her in on everything I am doing. People always want to know what is going to happen when we get married, and the truth is, I have no idea. I do know that I couldn’t live in a different city, and that she is one of the most important things to me.

In the past year, we have really become comfortable with having our own lives, and time apart. Since we live and work together, it is a lot of time spent together, but we know how to do all of that well. I really admire her strength and discipline. She went through a really tough breakup a couple of years ago, and I learned so much from her. She is one of the hardest workers I konw, and one tough cookie. Okay, that is all for my sappy post!
About Alexis:

Ohhh little Alexis.. or  “Alex”/”Al” is how I normally call her (depending on my anger towards her haha). She is one of the most dedicated people I know. She is also literally my other half or “hubby” is what I like to refer to her as. But really, my mom referred to us as an “old married couple” one time and we have joked about it ever since.  After spending the last 26 years years together, I know pretty much everything she likes and hates and usually even know what she’s thinking…yes I know pretty creepy! At the same time, I know exactly just the right buttons to push to annoy her which she just loves ;).

People always ask me how we are different. To be honest, I always never know how to answer this, so even writing it now is kind of tough. I feel like I am just bashing her and saying how great I am and all of the things I do that she doesn’t. When we were younger, she was definitely the more easy going, go with the flow kind of girl. She did put effort in school and was a great student, but I was the more Type A between the two of us. She would be way more likely to chat on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger– for those of y’all thinking what in the world is that?!) instead of doing her homework, while I was in a giant panic that my math homework needed to get done right away. She was also more likely to hang out with the boys when we were younger..she and the right idea (bye bye girl drama). Also, anything that had to do with sports, she would go right for it, and I would prefer to watch her do it and then do it. I also remember Alex going right up to kids when we were younger and just hanging out with them. We even have it on home video on a vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and she just marched right up to this girl and made friends, and I just followed along and reaped the benefits :).

As we got older, Alex definitely became more Type A like me, and we both were super driven and anal about any assignment for school or work. We are now both very similar in that we put tremendous pressure on ourselves to be “perfect” which we all know is not possible. We both have lots of anxiety, and don’t know how to just chill haha. I would say between the two of us she can be more patient when it comes to design stuff (specially our blog), and gets super frustrated with the coding aspect. I am the opposite when it comes to the coding, but I still love anything creative and design related too. She is definitely a little more stubborn that I am and is very much a person of routine (as am I). One thing I always joke to her about is that she has the worst attitude when she’s hangry. She could definitely star in that Snickers commercial. Speaking of food, we both love and hate most of the same foods, except for one thing…Cilantro (YUCK). Clearly, you now know what I think of it, and Alex LOVES it. It’s pretty funny that we have such differing views on that. 

At the end of the day, I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She knows me almost too well, and as much as we fight (literally over the dumbest time was over a Sam’s club card), we both know we would do anything for each other. I think we do a great job balancing each other out, and she’s honestly one of the only opinions that I listen to. Alright now that I have gone all cheeseball on y’all, I hope you learned some more about my hubby 😉

Happy Birthday | adoubledose.comHope you all enjoyed! Xo