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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Athleisure Wear

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Happy Sunday! Hope you all have been having a GREAT weekend! In case you all haven’t had a chance to check out our Nordstrom sale posts, you can check What We Bought and Items That Will Sell Out! Today, by request, we are sharing the best workout/athleisure on SALE! SO many good deals on leggings, shoes, and tops/jackets, so be sure to stock up now before they sell out!


Do not miss out on the great leggings on sale this year! If you haven’t tried Zella’s leggings before, you HAVE to try them! This pair #1 comes in #3 colors and are amazing. We also love #4 and #5, which are also Zellla and fit amazingly! We usually wear xxs/xs in these!

#2 are a great pair of comfy joggers. Seriously SO soft! We usually wear xxs/xs in these!


All of these corps #15, #16, #17 are also Zella and super flattering. We usually wear xxs/xs in these!


This puffer vest#6 is a MUST. You can layer it with everything and it isn’t too heavy to start wearing in the fall, or layer with a jacket! We are usually smallest size.

This white down jacket #18 is also a great buy! It is warm, without being too heavy and thick! We are usually smallest size.

How adorable is this bomber jacket #19?! Perfect for weekend style or errands! We are usually smallest size.

This jacket #20 comes in a few other color options and can be zipped all the way up! We are usually smallest size.

This sweatshirt #21 is so cozy and could be worn with jeans, too! (We are size xs).

Love this open back tank #10. Perfect amount of cutouts (We are size xs).


Of course, you gotta stock up on the kicks!

Our mom actually ordered #11 and LOVES them (fit TTS- size 7), and we bought #12 and LOVE how comfy they are (we got size 7).

#13 and #14 are great athleisure kicks, but could also be worn for a workout (We are size 7).


We wear these pedi socks #7 with ALL of our sneakers, so highly recommend getting them while on sale!

How fun are these running shorts #9?! All about that metallic! We are size xs.

This sports bra #8 is super cute and also supportive!