The Pressure Of Social Media

The Pressure Of Social Media |

We got so much positive feedback on the last more vulnerable post, so we are going to try and keep sharing more like that. We love getting to open up with you all because we are all in this together! We love a sense of community, and getting to share our experiences and feelings with you all. It can be good to be private, but also, there are times when it can be therapeutic to share more raw feelings!

We had been wanting to talk about the pressure of social media, and while we do love our job, we think it comes with challenges and having to grow some thicker skin. We are not complaining at all, but we know that sometimes it is good to share how we really feel at times because the truth is, even if you don’t blog like us, you have probably felt the same pressures of social media.

The Pressure Of Social Media |

In the beginning, it wasn’t our job, and we never thought of posting on Instagram as a job, until it did. There is not a minute of the day that goes by that we aren’t thinking about work or things we want to share with you all. While it is so fun to do that, we feel like we have to be constantly “on” and engaged.

The flip side is that we really do love getting to share so much with you all. We have a relationship with you all, and feel so connected with so many of you that we haven’t even met, which is crazy! We have met some of our friends through opening up on social media, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.

The Pressure Of Social Media |

With that being said, we think there is a lot of pressure to be on social media, no matter if you do it for a living or not. Just like many of you, we struggle with knowing when to put our phone down. Even if we are at dinner, we are documenting a lot of what we are eating or experiencing (and not because we are forced to, we just want to!).

I struggle with it more than Sam in that I just always want to share, share, share, but I know that at times, it can be good to keep moments more for myself to remember. We live in such a time where everyone is so connected on Instagram that it can make you feel almost guilty not sharing. I know that sounds so silly! 

The Pressure Of Social Media |

For our perspective, we are not the type of girls who wear a lot of makeup in general, so when we do get “ready”, it is us just wearing more than tinted moisturizer, and styling our hair. We are more than fine sharing our pajamas we have been wearing all day or doing an at-home workout in, and we share that because it is reality, and we want to be as real as possible.

I think there is a lot of pressure to appear so perfect on Instagram, but it is important to realize that it is just a highlight reel. You don’t get to see people having a rough day (some may show it, but some may not!), losing family members, having a breakup, losing a big contract for work, etc. To be honest, when other influencers post this kind of stuff, it really touches me and makes you feel so much more relatable. 

The Pressure Of Social Media |

As you all know, we have experienced a lot of health issues in the last two years, and are definitely feeling better, and are so grateful! One of the effects we had been feeling was weight gain and swelling, which nobody ever wants to experience, obviously!

We are very fortunate that we are healing, but it takes a lot of time and patience. You all know the feeling of when you put on some jeans that fit you a couple months ago, and then get tighter— yeah, not a good feeling, especially when you haven’t changed anything like food, workouts, etc. So, obviously putting on clothes and trying them in is the last thing you want to do or think about. There have been a lot of times where one of us not feeling confident and doesn’t feel like looking cute in an outfit, but the truth is, it happens to everyone!

The Pressure Of Social Media |

There is so much pressure to look thinner, have perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect bodies, and not only that, the numbers: likes, followers, comments, etc. We would be lying if that all didn’t affect us at some point. I think the pressure has gotten worse, and I think it is becoming harder and harder for anyone on social media to feel like they can be themselves.

There are times where I look around and just see a lot of perfectly bronzed bodies, full lashes, etc. Of course, we have lashes and spray tans, and all of that, and we do it because we love it. You just have to know that nobody looks that perfect all of the time! Sam had to remove her lashes because of some reactions, and not going to lie, she is struggling because she feels like she is used to looking a certain way with them on after having them for four years. 

The Pressure Of Social Media |

The bottom line is, take everything with a grain of salt, and don’t sweat it if you don’t look a certain way or look like these “picture perfect” people on the internet. We surely don’t all of the time, and hope you all enjoy seeing those snippets of us in real life!

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