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Our Favorite Places For Roasted Chicken In Dallas

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When people usually ask us what our favorite thing to eat is, we both usually start dying laughing because it is not your typical favorite food group. I don’t know how it even started, but somehow, we got hooked on roasted chicken. We love it because we are hungry girls, so most of the time, you’re guaranteed to get a good portion of chicken, and we just love bones (I know, super odd, haha). Anyways, we had a few requests of where our favorite spots are, so we figured we would write a post about it. 

Some tips when ordering:

  • Ask how it is prepared (I usually ask for no butter, if possible).
  • Order with sautéed or steamed vegetables.
  • The skin is okay to eat, but it is pretty fatty, so I don’t eat all of it.
  • If it has a sauce or glaze on it, ask for it on the side.

Now, for our favorite spots:

  • Mudhen’s Meat and Greens 
    • They have an option where you can create your own bowl, so I usually order the half chicken with green beans and some other green vegetable.
  • Mr. Mesero
    • This spot is a Mexican restaurant, but they have a “Crispy Half Chicken” that is AMAZING, and comes with tons of vegetables!
  • True Food Kitchen
    • They have a pan-roasted chicken that is pretty good. I wouldn’t say the portion size is huge, but you can order roasted brussels sprouts (LOVE) as a side with it.
  • Nazca Kitchen
    • This is a Peruvian spot that just opened not too long ago in West Village. They have a really good chicken that I get with steamed vegetables. You can get their sauces on the side (I love the hot one!)
  • Central Market
    • This one is actually not from a restaurant, but you can pick up other vegetables or sides in their prepared food sections, and bring it home for an easy meal!
  • Stirr
    • This is actually a bar and restaurant, which has great drinks, too! They have a really good roasted chicken that comes with brussels sprouts, and their desserts are AMAZING!
  • Smoky Rose
    • We have both been here, and they have a lot of bbq dishes, and a roasted chicken!
  • CBD Provisions
    • This spot is downtown, and has a roasted chicken. We ate here once after a hot yoga class, so definitely not dressed appropriately, but it was good.
  • The Hall at Trinity Groves
    • We love their roasted chicken, and then they have roasted brussels sprouts that were amazing!

Other spots that we want to try:

  • Street’s Fine Chicken
  • Meddlesome Moth
  • Stock and Barrel

The Best Roasted Chicken In Dallas | adoubledose.comChicken At Mudhens The Best Roasted Chicken In Dallas | adoubledose.comChicken from Central MarketThe Best Roasted Chicken In Dallas | adoubledose.comChicken from Mr. MeseroThe Best Roasted Chicken In Dallas | adoubledose.comChicken from The Hall