Our Review Of Our Peloton Bike, 5 Love Languages, Favorite Sunless Tanners: An Extra Dose Podcast

lifestyle and fashion bloggers alexis and samantha belbel share a review of their Peloton bike : wha they love about it, what they don't like as much, cost of it, how often they use it, and more, on their podcast, An Extra Dose. They are also sharing about the 5 Love Languages: what they are, what theirs are, and how you can figure out what yours are. They share their favorite sunless tanners as well.

In case you missed our last episode of An Extra Dose, you can listen to that here! 

A little about this episode:

On this episode of An Extra Dose Podcast, we are reviewing our new Peloton bike: what we like about it, how often we use it, the price of it, and more. We are also talking about what the 5 Love Languages are, and which languages are more valued to us. Our favorites include our go-to sunless tanners.

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