Our Traditional Mother’s Day Gift

Growing up, our Grandpa would always have us choose a fragrance, whether it was for our birthday or a holiday. Of course, for our mom, he would always get her a fragrance for Mother’s Day. We always remember all going to Macy’s to test them all out and pick out which one we wanted to receive as our gift a few months later.

Years later, we now carry on that tradition with our mom. A fragrance is something that anyone will love, and can always wear. Best part is, you know it will not be too small or too large on them;) Every time they wear it, they will think of you, which is always important to us in any kind of gift!

Choosing a fragrance can be so tough, so we love that Macy’s has over 250 of the best fragrances, so it is the best spot when it comes to picking a good one out!

They also make it really easy to find one you will like with options to shop by scents and how intense you want the smell to be! There is even a quiz you can take to find the perfect one for you or your mom.

We love the scent of this Versace Dylan Blue Eau de Parfume! First off, the bottle is stunning, but the smell is even better. It has notes of Granny Smith apple and floral, which we always love. We always go for floral scents. This one isn’t overly floral, either!

It also comes in a gift set, so if you’re wanting something a little more, the gift set comes with the Eau de Parfum, body lotion, and the shower gel. This would make a great gift for any mom or motherly figure!

{ Versace Dylan Blue Eau de Parfume | Versace Dylan Blue Gift Set | Tunic Dress }

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