Spring Jackets

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Happy Weekend! We had a few of you all ask for some spring jacket recommendations. Although, in Dallas, and most of Texas, you don’t need a jacket once spring and summer hit, a lot of you that live in California and the eat coast, need a jacket pretty much all year, or at least in the evenings. Since it is warmer out, you don’t need something super heavy, so these are all great options!

Suede Moto Jacket: 

We have this jacket in the dark purple, and LOVE it. You can dress it up or down, and this pink spring color is so adorable! It would look super cute with white jeans.

Olive Utility Jacket: 

This is a great one for throwing on top of dresses, rompers, or with jeans and shorts. It dresses down an outfit, plus we love how it cinches at the waist, so you don’t look like a box.

Basic Trench Coat:

We love this trench with dressier outfits, like work attire, or even white or dark jeans. It can be worn in the rain, too, and it is a great natural color.

Denim Jacket: 

We wear denim jackets all year long. They can be worn with dresses, rompers, shorts, or even jeans. You can also tie it around your waist if it gets warmer our, or just for an accessory.

Blush Long Jacket:

This jacket has the cutest bow in the back, and is the prefect spring neutral if you don’t want to do the usual tan.

Suede + Leather Mixed Jacket:

We have this jacket in the black, and love the feel of it. The leather is super soft and smooth, and we love the suede draping on the front. It can be worn with jeans and a basic tee or tank.

Purple Rain Jacket:

This rain jacket is the best one we have seen. We have had this one for years, and it is a great lightweight jacket. The rain slides right off, and it can be easily thrown in your bag or backpack. 

Coral Blazer:

We love this take on a basic blazer. The pop of color is super fun and we love the cut of it.

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