Studded Shoe Roundup

Studded Shoe Roundup |

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Happy Monday! Hope you all had a nice weekend! We just got back from a little family trip to Florida with our parents. Our dad had a conference in Amelia Island, so we all tagged along. We attempted to take a little bit of time off of work since the next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy, but you all know how that goes;) We did take some time off of our phones throughout the day, but it is hard to totally unplug.

Anyways! We shared this Amazon post over the weekend and got SO much positive feedback, so we will definitely be doing another one soon! We shared this rockstud slide sandal we had ordered off of prime and we loved it so much that we decided to do an entire post on affordable rockstud shoes!

A lot of these we own, or have tried on, so we hope you all love it:)

Some of our favorites:

#1 is a great wedge option and super comfy! Comes in several color options, too!

#2 is a really cute sandal to pair with jeans or dresses and affordable!

#4 we got a few years back and LOVE them still. VERY comfortable.

#11 we own and love to wear all year! Also a great work shoe option.

#12 are the cutest mules to wear all year. They go with everything, too! The pointed toe is really flattering as well.

#18 and #19 are cute slide sandals that you can throw on with some shorts or a comfy dress. Both very comfy for walking a lot!

#25 we have in black and blush and wear them ALL of the time! They are a lot more comfortable than you’d think!

#26 is the pair we just got on prime last week that we love! So comfy and padded, too!

Shop more studded shoes below: