Wellness Wednesday .18: Home Gym Must Haves

lifestyle and fashion blogger alexis belbel sharing home gym must haves like dumbbells, resistance bands, jump rope, sliders, ab roller, yoga mat, and more |

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Happy Wellness Wednesday! We are back with another wellness post for you all! Today, we are sharing our home gym must haves. Going to the gym is great, but sometimes, you want to get something in quick at home, and we love working out at home!


To get any kind of sweat going usually, we need some weights and resistance. We love this set of dumbbells because they come with three different weight amounts.

This resistance band is great for so many workouts ranging from legs, core, and arms.

These wrist weights are great because they can adjust on your wrist and also on your ankles for weighted exercises.


You all already know we LOVE our rebounder and use it daily! Read more up on the rebounder/trampoline here.

Weighted Ball

A weighted ball is amazing for a core workout and for so many other things and comes in different weight amounts.

Yoga Mat

Of course, you’ll want a yoga mat to do all of your exercises on!

Glass Water Bottle

We use this glass water bottle all of the time and love that it doesn’t have any plastics or chemicals in it!

Plyometric Box

This box is another favorite for doing box jumps, step ups, and more! Comes in three different heights, depending on what workout you are doing.

Foam Roller

Great for stretching tight muscles like your hamstrings, glutes, and IT bands.

Risers/Aerobic Equipment

These are great to do step ups or dips on. And, you can stack them to make it taller or shorter!

Ab Roller

Our parents have one of these, and let’s just say, it is not easy! Great for your core!

Jumping Rope

Great way to get cardio in!


These are an easy way to get in a good core or leg workout at home. SO many ways to use them, too.


We just got one of these, and are OBSESSED. They are pricey but amazing for sore or tight muscles.