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Happy Friday! You may have seen us asking you all to send us any kind of questions you all had that you wanted us to answer, so we are going to be starting a new series every other Friday, where we will be sharing our answers to all of your questions, so feel free to snap us or email us any questions you all want answered! 

This weekend there is a HUGE St. Patrick’s Day parade, and we live right in the middle of it. We are not big drinkers, so we will be avoiding our area, haha. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Hope you all enjoy this post, let us know your thoughts! Xo

What is your best advice for someone who wants to leave the corporate world to start their business? And/or pros & cons of corporate world vs running your own business.

Our best advice to wanting to leave the corporate world to start a business is to save money and have an initial short-term plan. Obviously, you can’t plan too much, or you’ll get overwhelmed, and plans don’t always turn out exactly how you plan them to. We would also say that if you’re leaving to pursue something you’re truly passionate about, you will never regret it. It is an incredible feeling getting to do something you TRULY enjoy and have a passion for. It never seems like work, and even if you’re working late, it is because you love it. There is nothing like it. There will definitely be tough times, and time you want to give up, but it is always worth it!

There are obviously tons of pros:

  • setting your own hours
  • working for yourself
  • getting to pursue your passion
  • when you accomplish something, it is all you

and, cons:

  • never really have paid time off or a vacation
  • have to be extremely disciplined if you want to succeed
  • all of the pressure falls on you

Would you mind sharing the recipe y’all use for the roasting chicken/cornish hen in the oven?

It is actually our mom’s recipe, and SO good! We ate most of it;)

4 Cornish game hens
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp each of garlic powder, paprika, ground chili pepper, crushed garlic, black pepper
1 onion, sliced
1/2 cup white wine


1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
2. In a small mixing bowl, stir together seasonings.
3. Rub olive oil all over the hens and season each with mixture.
4. Place the hens on a baking sheet pan with plenty of space between them.
5. Pour white wine at bottom of pan.
5. Top with sliced onions.
6. Roast the hens in the preheated oven for about 1:15 min.
7. Remove the hens from the oven, loosely tent with foil and let rest 10 minutes.

I was just wondering if you recommend buying followers if you want have a popular page but havent been getting noticed the natural way? Also, do you ever buy followers?

For us personally, we do not recommend it. We have never purchased any followers. We like to stay as authentic as possible, and honestly, what you see is what you get with us. We have built our loyal audience by staying true to ourselves and we are so grateful for y’all that we would never want to compromise that! Sadly, there are SO many bloggers and companies that buy followers and likes that it sucks when they claim they’re authentic. It is a very common thing since there’s a TON of competition and everybody is trying to one up each other. Bottom line: we haven’t done it and we don’t believe in it.

I am considering doing the whole 30 diet, as I have been going through some major digestive/stomach issues the last couple of years and know it’s very similar to paleo. I read y’alls most recent blog post on paleo. My main question/concern is how do you stay energized enough to get through your workouts going grain free? Or does your body just learn to adapt to it?

That is a great question! We actually don’t remember not having energy for our workouts, but we do recommend trying to eat as many vegetables as you can. If you’re feeling low on energy, make sure you’re eating enough protein, drinking enough water, and maybe try adding in some carbs from sweet potato or butternut squash, or something like that!

Favorite self tanner? Are your manicures gel nails?

Our favorite self tanner by far is the St. Tropez one! We use the mitt with it and we LOVE it! It can be a bit pricier but it works SO well! It doesn’t have that funky smell that most have and you actually look bronze instead of orange! Also, it doesn’t leave you streak when you use the mitt. Even better, you don’t get any embarrassing marks on your hands because you use the mitt! The tanner is a mouse and goes on bronze so you can see where it goes on and you have instant color! They also have this starter kit that comes with the mitt!

Our nails are not gel manicures. We used to be gel addicts, but we have been getting dip for portably a year now. We love it! If you aren’t familiar, the don’t use a light or anything to cure it. We’d say it’s probably between gel and acrylic. They basically dip your nails in this powder, then put layers of clear on, and then buff them with the drill. You still soak off with acetone, but these last about 3 weeks instead of 2 and they don’t chip like gel does sometimes! They come in TONS of colors. Our go to is usually white or S45 in dip powder, which is a light pink. Essie “Fiji” is a similar color in regular polish that is very similar to the color we get!

Please tell us your teeth whitening routine again.

For our teeth whitening, we use this whitening toothpaste. It works great for maintaining white teeth and getting rid of coffee and tea stains! For the whitening gel, we use this Zoom whitening gel that we put in mouth trays we had made at our dentist office. You could probably use your retainer if you don’t have a mouth tray. We use the overnight gel, and like doing that because you can wear them while you’re sleeping and take them out in the morning. We try to do it every other night, or every couple days, so our teeth don’t get too sensitive!

We also drink our coffee and teas through a straw, and try to brush our teeth after we drink coffee in the mornings!

Are those your natural eye lashes or extensions?

No, these are not our natural lashes ( we wish!). We get individual lash extensions, and we are OBSESSED! We have had them for about 2 years, and haven’t looked back. We used to curl our lashes wayyy too much, which led to them look shorter because they were breaking.. not good! We usually go about 2-3 week for a fill, but since we get Russian Volume (which is 2-3 extensions per lash), you can go up to 5 weeks. Our hair and lashes grow so fast, we need to go more often. Pricing depends on where you go, but make sure you go somewhere reputable or you can mess up your natural ones! We go to Lashing Out, and we love it there! There’s nothing better than waking up without having to put mascara on or curling lashes! Love not wearing a lot of makeup!

I have a question about your makeup. Do you wear eyeshadow? if so, what brand and color?

We actually don’t wear any eyeshadow, but we love this eyeshadow palette for a ton of natural-looking colors, and also ones to dress up your eye makeup! We also have eyelash extensions and microblading on our eyebrows. We did this post on our favorite makeup products, too!

In a previous IG live, you mentioned you no longer eat potatoes and rice..would you say that you eat mainly low carb now? As in mostly vegetables? Did the diet change make you feel more tired?

We do eat pretty low in carbs (specifically starchier carbs like rice, potatoes, breads, etc). We mainly get our carbs from vegetables and fruits, with the exception of ice cream, drinks, and some sweets sometimes! The diet change did not make us feel less tired, mainly because we are still eating a LARGE volume of food. We eat tons of vegetables (aka a garden) with every meal, and people are so shocked by it, haha. The reason why we started eating this way is because we realized our bodies responded better to lower starchier carbs, and more vegetables, instead. Of course, every body is different, so eating that kind of stuff, which is definitely good for you and healthy, is not bad at all, and may be better for you!

How did you’ll start to become fashion bloggers?

Great question! We have always been into fashion all of our lives (and actually were awarded “Best Dressed” in high school!). We actually majored in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin (hook ‘em!) and worked at Ernst & Young out of college. After that, we left our corporate jobs to do some personal training for about 6 months, and then finally started our blog. We actually just posted on instagram for a little while, and then it took off! We coded our own blog (based on our IT backgrounds) and take all of our own photos, etc. It is a A LOT of work, but so much fun! We have done several posts on this on the blog, here and here, in case you want to learn more!

Im curios how much make up you guys wear. You have told me about microblading and eyelashes and half of the time when I see you and your sister that’s all I notice besides the gloss. So Maybe touch on the topic of how you feel about getting ready now and what you guys have done to shorten or better yet what you do that makes you feel better overall when it comes to this topic.

That is a great question! As far as getting ready for our makeup, we really do not wear a whole lot of it. We do have microblading on our eyebrows, and have eyelash extensions. As far as makeup goes, we recently started using this foundation that we LOVE. It is super lightweight and goes on so smooth! We also use BareMinerals. For bronzer, we use this Bobbi Brown one in ‘Aruba’. For blush, we use this Bobbi Brown bush in “Sand Pink”. For mascara, we use Lancome definicils (on our bottom lashes). For lip gloss, we love this one in the color “Life Of The Party” That is really all we wear! It takes us maybe 5 mintues, tops, if we are wearing all of that. For the gym, we don’t wear anything but mascara. The eyelashes and eyebrows are a game changer!

We got the inspiration for this post from the gorgeous ladies from Somewhere Lately! They have such fun outfits and are gorgeous ladies, and we love their coffee talk posts.