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Happy Wednesday! Hope you all are staying warm if you live somewhere it got hit with snow! Can’t believe it got so cold. Not going to lie, we are complaining it is in the 50’s and 60’s, haha. Okay, to be honest, it was like in the 30’s in the mornings!  

Anyways, we had asked you all for what you wanted to see for workout posts, and we got a lot of great topics, so thank you for all of your suggestions! Today, we will be sharing an arm workout, as well as a beginner’s guide to starting out to on the stairmaster. Instead of sharing three recipes, we will be sharing a sample of what we ate in a day + one easy lunch/dinner recipe!

So, first, for the arm workout: We typically separate arms into biceps and triceps in one day, and then shoulders another day, and then chest sometimes with calves on another day. It all depends! Today’s workout will combine all of these muscles groups into one day! You can definitely check out our previous posts, and mix and match upper-body exercises if you wanted to. If you don’t know one of the exercises, just google it, and a video on youtube should show you the proper form!
Sculpted Arm Workout - A Double Dose Of Fitness |

As far as cardio goes, you all know we usually will stick to the stairmaster, if possible. The reason being that no matter what, you have to push yourself to keep moving, unlike other cardio equipment, where you can barely pedal or move slower, the starimaster will keep rotating and moving, so if you get lazy, you will fall off, haha. With that being said, though, you don’t have to go super fast! Especially if you’re just starting out, it can be daunting! Here are our tips for starting out on the stairmaster:

PS- excuse the MAJOR typo for ‘beginners’! I was clearly very tired when I made this;) so embarrassing!Stairmaster Tips for Beginners - A Double Dose Of Fitness | adoubledose.comHere is a stairmaster workout for y’all that we have shared before:Stairmaster Workout - Double Dose of Fitness | adoubledose.comBelow are some workout pieces we are loving this week [click each item to shop it directly!]:

We LOVE these mesh crops! We just got them and they are AMAZING!
Below is what we ate in a day the other day:
Breakfast: pancake recipe HERE
Lunch: Brunch at Zizikis in Dallas. They have a ton of amazing food there for the brunch buffet. We both ate 2 plates of food, but let us preface that with what we filled them with. Each plate we ate had 2-3 little chicken kabobs (grilled), a huge pile of greek salad (no dressing, used babaghanoush, instead), cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, and onions from one of their salads there,  and smoked salmon. So, yes, basically, a ton of veggies and protein. They do have fresh fruit and some other sweets, so sometimes we will have some fruit, too!
Snack: We got hungry at the mall, so we grabbed a half salad at Snappy Salads with grilled chicken and red wine vinegar for dressing. 
Dinner: I had dinner out with my parents at Mudhen’s Meats (my FAVE) and got the half roasted chicken with green beans and broccolini. My sister made dinner here with a friend, and had salmon with roasted vegetables in the oven.
Dessert: chocolate protein mug cake (made in microwave) recipe HERE
As far as cooking and meal prepping, we like to have some kind of protein prepped for the week, like grilled chicken or salmon baked in the oven. That way, we can just add it to salads or veggies for lunch or dinner in 5 minutes! Nobody wants to have to cook a full meal at 7PM after a long day!
This 15-minute chicken and vegetable bake looks super easy to make, and is great for meal prepping!
Roasted Veggies and Chicken - A Double Dose Of Fitness | adoubledose.com15-minute Healthy Roasted Chicken and Veggies
Recipe HERE!

Recipe + photos via Pinterest

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