Fall Home Decor 2020

lifestyle and fashion blogger alexis belbel shares some fall home decor for inside and outside from target and walmart: pumpkins, wreaths, throw pillows | adoubledose.com

{ Orange Throw Pillow | White and Orange Throw Pillow | Pumpkin Pillow | Candle | Raffia Pumpkin | White Pumpkin | Orange Pumpkin | Mornin’ Pumpkin Mug | Candelabra | Wooden Round Tray | Faux Mini Leaves | Beaded Pumpkin | Throw Blanket | Fall Wreath }

Fall is officially here, so we wanted to share some of our current favorite decor to spruce up your home or apartment. All you need are a few key pieces you can use for years and years.

Pillows + Throws

We love a good pillow and throw blanket. This orange one is a great pop of color, and goes great with this white one with orange/brown details.

We also love this pumpkin-themed one- so fun!

This orange/fall colored throw blanket is SO soft and cozy!

Table Decor

This fall candelabra is so festive, and all comes together, so that’s all you need to decorate your table!

This wood tray is perfect to hold some fall decor and these faux leaves are perfect in any vase.


Can’t go wrong with pumpkins! This raffia pumpkin is SO fun and we love this orange and white one, too!

If you’re into more glam stuff, this beaded pumpkin is so fun and comes in black, too!

Outdoor Decor

Have to find a good wreath for fall! This orange one is so pretty and festive!

A doormat is another way to add in more fall vibes! Love this pumpkin themed one.

Mugs + Candles

Love a good candle for all, and this 4-wick candle smells amazing!

A mug is a must, and this “mornin’ pumpkin” one is so cute!