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Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials |

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I can’t believe it has taken us this long to put together a gym bag essentials post. If you all know us well, you know that we workout pretty much daily, so having the proper gym bag necessities is key! I mean, if you’re not dressed the part, how can you have a good workout, right? A good outfit always gets us motivated, and hey, at least you’ll look cute!

These are not all the necessities, but are most of ours, so we wanted to share them and explain why we depend on these!


Comfy Crops: We love a comfy crop, and this pair is SO SOFT, and super comfy for a workout or yoga. See more adorable crops and leggings here:

Dry Shampoo: This is seriously a life saver. If you haven’t tried dry shampoo, it will be a game changer. It soaks up all of the oils in your roots, so it is basically like you washed and revived your hair without having to actually wash it.

Low Socks: We love these socks when you want them to not show with your tennis shoes. We are not really fans of socks showing, so these are perfect for any type of shoe, and they don’t slide off. 

Hoodie: A comfy hoodie is great for throwing on after a workout to head to errands or brunch. This one is super soft, and you could also throw it around your waist as an accessory, too!

Apple Watch: I will admit, I was not on the Apple watch train for the longest time. Sam had one for a while and loved hers. I finally got this rose gold one and swear by it now. I am absolutely in LOVE, and never take it off (well, just to charge it).

Insulated Water Bottle: A good water bottle is important, and it is key to stay hydrated before, during, and after a workout. This one can keep your drinks hot or cold, and it comes in a bunch of cute colors!

Wireless Earphones: We both have had these earphones forever, and love them! They actually stay in your ears, and have great sound. Perfect for working out!

Face Pads: We just got some of these to use after the gym. Since we sweat a lot, and usually don’t shower right away, these are great to wipe up your face after a workout to prevent breakouts.

Bright Tennis Shoes: We love a bright pair of shoes. These flyknits are one of our faves because they are super comfy and light, and can withstand any workout!

Hair Ties: Obviously you need something to tie your hair up with after a workout. These are great because they look trendy on your wrist, and they don’t dent your hair.

Cute Duffle Bag: We are all about a cute bag for your gym stuff. This one is SO cute with the polka dots and fits a ton! Also a great weekend bag.

We also LOVE this tote and duffle bag for the gym!

Yoga Mat: How adorable is this yoga mat? Love the print, and it also comes in a bunch of other colors.

Also, in case you all are looking for a workout this week, we did share a downloadable one last week that has exercises for each day with weight amounts!