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How To Get Toned Legs

How To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comWe are finally in the summer months, and that means all of us will be showing more skin. With that comes anxiety for some of us because maybe your legs aren’t as toned as you want them to be, and that is totally okay because we have some tips for you! Obviously, you can’t get them exactly how you want them overnight because like anything else, it takes time and discipline, but I will say that it is worth it!
How To get Toned Legs |
How To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comBefore I get into our tips, I wanted to talk to you about this amazing yellow romper! It is one shoulder, which I love and it is super flattering. I feel like yellow is one of those colors that is flattering on anyone, and it is super fun with a good tan! And, it is $45, so it is a steal because it can be dressed up or down.How To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comThis bag is a great bag for traveling or running errands and it is so comfy! These lace up sandals are also really comfy and have the perfect heel height for shorts or dresses/rompers.How To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comHow To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comAs far as legs go, there are some tips that you all can try out below. As long as you stick to a good workout schedule, and eat lean proteins and fresh vegetables and fruits, you will feel good AND look good. It is 90% of what you eat, and you can’t do burn off every single thing you eat. If you want lean muscles, you have to be lean from the inside out.How To get Toned Legs | adoubledose.comHOW TO GET TONED LEGS:

  • lift weights
    • isolate by muscle groups ( quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes)
    • lift heavy enough (or do high reps with lower weights; we suggest 10-12 reps of moderate to heavy weight, and 20-25 reps for lighter weights.
  • do at least 20 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week
  • eat mainly vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins.
  • cut back on starchy carbs like breads, grains, and potatoes. 
  • drink a ton of water and stay hydrated.

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