How We Stay Positive

How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.comBefore we get into the main topic of this blog, we wanted to talk about this easy, summer look! When it hits the 90’s in Dallas, we basically want to live in minimal clothing, as weird as that sounds, haha. This black cami is loose and flowy, and comes in a few other colors! We paired with these denim cutoffs that we seriously live in. They are AMAZING! Now, about the accessories: this saddlebag is what we brought to Napa and SF, and it fit SO much in it. These lace up sandals are a great neutral shoe, and a good heel height because they are not too hight or not too short!How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.comOkay, and now about our main topic: staying positive. It is probably one of the most difficult things to do. I (Alexis), for one, struggle with being positive way too often. I would say Samantha is better at being positive, and I am usually the one who is more likely to get impatient or judgmental. If a lot of stuff goes wrong in my day, I am just left with this “feeling sorry for myself” feeling, and am pouting the rest of the day. That is probably a little bit of an exaggeration, but it is so true, haha.How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.comI feel like staying positive is definitely a learned skill, or something that you have to practice constantly. I have been trying to be better at not thinking the worst of every situation and wanted to give some tips (you may have heard some of these on our most recent podcast) on how I am trying to stay more positive. 
How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.com1. Look at Pinterest inspirational quotes:

I know Pinterest can be a spot where we all look for recipes, outfit ideas, decor, etc., but they do have a lot of inspirational quotes that I love reading. Sometimes when I am down, I go and read a bunch of them and instantly feel better. I also love saving them and setting them to my computer background or phone background. 
How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.com2. Think about the current situation and if it will matter a week, a month, or year from now:

I know for me, I tend to get really upset about small things, and also stress about them. Most of the time they end up being SO silly, and get resolved, so sitting there stressing doesn’t do anything but stress me out even more, and raise my blood pressure. I think it is great to kind of shift your thinking, and ask yourself if your current situation will be corrected in a week, month, or even year from now. 
How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.com3. Take care of yourself or do an activity that will clear your mind:

For me, usually working out or going on a walk helps me. I have been incorporating yoga and some other classes to help with taking my mind off of work or stress. As much as I could work all day long, just a short walk or time away from technology (with friends or alone), can do wonders!
How We Stay Positive | adoubledose.comDo you all have any tips on staying positive?! We would love to hear yours!SHOP THE OUTFIT{ Black Tie Back Cami | Denim Cutoffs | Lace Up Sandals | Tan Saddlebag Sunglasses Nail Color | Gold Earrings Lip Color ” Life of The Party” | BRACELETS: David Yurman Cable Bracelets herehere, and here  and Cartier Love Bangle| RINGS:  David Yurman Ring here and here | David Yurman Necklace | WATCH: Michele Deco Watch } 

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