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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide - a gift guide with all the best gifts for the special lady in your life |

{ Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes | Mini Heart Pendant Necklace | ‘What’s The Scoop’ iPhone Case | Candle | Red Saddle Bag | David Yurman ‘Albion’ Ring | Nike ‘Juvenile’ Sneakers | ‘SMILE’ Ballet Flats | Halogen Lace Up Flats | Michele Deco Watch | Pink Longchamp Tote | Kate Spade ‘Walk On Air’ Perfume  | S’well Water Bottle }

Not to worry, you still have over a week to get your mom a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Not going to lie, Sam and I struggle each year with trying to come up with something my mom doesn’t already have/says she doesn’t want anything. Well, how can you not get your mom anything for Mother’s Day?! 

Even if she says she doesn’t want anything, we still always get her at least a card and flowers. She is one of the most important people in our lives and such a role model for us. If you all don’t know already, we are SUPER close with her. She is really there for us ANY time of the day, no matter what. I honestly hope to be half the mom she is one day. Anyways, enough with the cheesy writing for this post, haha.

When I was putting stuff together for this post, I tried picking out stuff that I knew mom’s (our yourself) would love and actually use! Who wants to get a gift that 1. isn’t really that thoughtful, and 2. will just get thrown in the pile of stuff you never will use!

I actually own some of these items, and if I don’t I picked them out for a good reason! I have this David Yurman ring and this Michele Deco watch. I LOVE them both for so many reasons, but I will say that I have had both pieces for over 4 years and wear them every single day. I get a ton of compliments on both pieces, so they are SO worth the investment!

If you’re looking for less of an investment piece, I have this Kate Spade ‘Walk On Air’ perfume and this hot pink S’well bottle. The perfume smells amazing, and the bottle keeps our water or drink super cold all day long! Plus, how cute is the bottle?

I love that this gold necklace has a heart, but is also personalized and has an initial! Another fun item is this phone case! I love it because my mom always says that line and it would be perfect for her!

How adorable is this hot pink longchamp bag? I have it in a lighter pink and it is so durable. I used to really pack it full for traveling, the beach, errands, etc. and it still has not ripped!

Here are some more finds that didn’t fit in the collage above [click items to shop directly!]:



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