Our Experience With Anxiety + Tips On Managing It

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

Happy Tuesday! Before we get into this SUPER affordable look, we wanted to take some time to talk about our experience with anxiety. Since it is Mental Health Awareness month, we thought we could just chat about it briefly with you all.

We all suffer from anxiety to some degree, or at some point in our lives. For us, it has been something we have dealt with for as long as we can remember. Luckily, we have found ways to cope with it and handle it better in certain situations.

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |
Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

Our anxiety started when we were in high school and college, where we felt like our perfectionism was put to the test. Nobody likes failing, so for us, we would (and still do) everything in our power to not “fail”. Of course, failing is never a bad thing. There were days we would feel so overwhelmed and anxious that it almost cripples you, and you can’t get anything accomplished.

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

Luckily, we have each other, and that helps a lot, but still, it can be tough to get through. When we were working our corporate jobs, there were times we would suffer from panic attacks, and that is such a hard feeling to describe. It is like you are out of your own body, and can’t control your mind or anything else going on around you.

With our current jobs and schedules, anxiety can take over us a lot. After attending a meditation workshop last weekend, we were reminded that anxiety isn’t something we should avoid or fear. It is something we should welcome and “get to know”.

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

If you do deal with anxiety on a large scale, here are some tips on how to manage it better:

  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • self care
  • limit caffeine intake
  • get adequate sleep
  • alter your thoughts and ways of thinking
  • exercise or practice yoga
Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

Now, about this look! You will never believe it, but this dress from Walmart is only $5! Isn’t that crazy! It has the cutest stripes down the sides, so it is sporty, but also feminine. We are wearing size S in it for reference, and it is great for summer trips coming up.

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

We paired it with a denim jacket, which is is such a GREAT buy for spring and summer. This one is a classic piece you can wear with anything in your closet. We have a size S in it.

We paired both pieces with some neutral wedges and a neutral bag for a clean and classic look. We love that Walmart has some really fun and trendy pieces, all at great prices. They also offer free shipping and returns on most of their clothing, which is awesome! If you don’t want to wait for it to come in the mail, they also have in-store pickup.

Our Personal Experiences With Anxiety |

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