Wellness Wednesday .9: Gym Bags For Any Workout

Wellness Wednesday .9: Gym Bags For Any Workouts |

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Happy Wellness Wednesday! In case you missed last week’s post on our go to natural supplements, you can read that post here.

Today, we are sharing some good gym bags for any workout! We typically have been working out at home or going to Pilates, but we love a good bag to stay somewhere for the weekend or to bring in a change of clothes for any kind of class you’re taking. You can also use all of these as travel bags!

#4 is super expandable and has a laptop sleeve area to hold your tech devices!

#8 is under $40 and has a wet and dry area!

This light pink bag #11 is so cute and fits a lot!

Love these Kipling bags #9! We have had one for years and it holds up really well, and we love this metallic color!

#14 is super lightweight and padded and can be used for traveling!

Shop all the gym bags below: