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28 Things We Learned This Past Year

28 Things We Learned This Past Year |

It is our 28th birthday, so we wanted to share 28 things we have learned over the past year, some thing we already learned, and some new! We also wanted to take this time to thank all of you for your support and love, we love all you!

TAKE DAYS OFF: we know this seems obvious, but for us, taking time off is so hard, but we have really been focusing on taking time for ourselves and unplugging, which we are actually doing this week!

FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES: can be so hard at times, but no matter what, you have really learn to focus on what is going right, rather than wrong, and what the silver lining is in every situation. For us, talking it out with other people helps us see this, or journaling.

THINGS WON’T GO YOUR WAY, AND THAT IS OK: know that this will happen, and you have to embrace the path you’re on and have been given.

VALUE TRUE FRIENDSHIPS; ELIMINATE THE TOXIC: we have really learned this the past few years. We have never been people that need millions of friends, and always value quality over quantity. Being around people that are toxic, and bring you down will make you feel more alone than you do on your own. Surround yourself with people that bring you up.

SAY “NO” TO MORE: you just can’t do it all, even though we tell ourselves we can 😉

EMBRACE WHAT YOU HAVE AND ARE PHYSICALLY: you may not always love the way you look, but it is all about mindset.

NEVER SAY “NEVER”: really, do not do this, hah! We have said this about so many things, but the reality is, you just never know. Always be open to things, even if you think there’s no chance.

A PLANT BASED DIET DOES WONDERS: we had been so NOT open to this, but this year eating mostly plant based has made us feel incredible. We feel so much lighter, healthier, and love eating this way!

HAVING A COMMUNITY IS AMAZING: we are so fortunate to have so many of you who support us on a daily basis. It really means so much!

BE WHO YOU ARE, AND STICK UP FOR YOURSELF: trying to be someone else will do you no favors. Be who you want to be, and if you don’t know, discover yourself. If you don’t stick up for what you deserve and know your worthiness, nobody else will.

HIGH INTENSITY vs LOWER INTENSITY: this year we switched up our workouts and started doing lower intensity workouts, and honestly, feel so much better. We feel like our cortisol is lower, and we just feel calmer. We really feel like you need to listen to your body, and see what it is craving.

MEDITATION IS SO IMPORTANT: however you like to meditate, whether it is using an app, just having quiet time, journaling, is so important. It gives you clarity and time to calm your mind.

READ MORE BEFORE BED: we both typically are on our phones or watching tv before bed, but we have been trying to read more, and find that it really does help with anxiety, especially before bed.

SET A MORNING ROUTINE: we have been better about this this year. We usually have our whole process with our celery juice and supplements, and now, we will get up, without checking instagram, go on a walk (sans phone), rebound, and then check our phones!

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS: we all know this never gets you anywhere!

DON’T OVER-PLAN; EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN: we struggle with this so much, but it is good to not plan every detail, and just let things happen.

IT IS NOT ALWAYS PERSONAL OR ABOUT YOU: just know that whatever someone says or does, is not personal. It is most likely something they are dealing with or struggling with.

BE VULNERABLE: this is something that is scary, but important to do to grow and be your best self. Yes, you may get hurt or feel embarrassed, but in the end, it is all worth it!

TRUST YOUR GUT: it is always right!

SEE A THERAPIST OR TALK TO PEOPLE YOU CAN TRULY TRUST: there is nothing better than talking it out and getting out your emotions. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can always journal.

PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: it is not always fun, but it is ALWAYS worth it. Whether it is for work, friendships, or relationships.

DON’T EXPECT; BE REALISTIC: setting expectations will result in disappointment. You really have to be realistic in what you expect from others. Expect the unexpected.

YOUR HEALTH IS KEY: always take care of yourself. Without it, you have nothing.

STOP COMPLAINING: we are both so guilty of this, but once we really became conscious of it, we realized how much we do this, especially with just each other.

REJECTION AND FAILURE ARE AN OPPORTUNITY: it sucks going through it, but it is always an opportunity for growth and other doors. There are better things ahead, and know that it all happens for a reason.

PUT OUT YOUR WISHES INTO THE UNIVERSE: it sounds so silly, but you really have to put your thoughts and wishes out into the universe. Whether it is just in your mind or in a journal, the more you think it and believe it, the more it will happen.

THE GRASS ISN’T ALWAYS GREENER: we all know this, but really, focus on what you have. Once you see what else people have, you will want yours. Be grateful for what you have.

NOBODY HAS IT ALL FIGURED OUT: really, nobody does at all. Despite what social media makes it appear.

Hope you all have a great week! We are taking off the next two days for the first time ever. Happy birthday to you June babies! Xo