Chronic Inflammation with Carl Kuran of Leefy Organics: An Extra Dose Podcast

lifestyle and fashion bloggers alexis belbel and samantha belbel of A Double Dose chat with Carl Kuran of Leefy Organics and talk about inflammation and chronic inflammation and his supplement, Prana, which is a turmeric elixir that helps with pain and inflammation.

In case you missed our last episode of An Extra Dose, you can listen to that here! 

A little about this episode:

On this episode of An Extra Dose Podcast, Samantha and Alexis are chatting with Carl Kuran, certified Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Leefy Organics.They discuss what inflammation is, the typical pharmaceutical treatments for it, and why they can be dangerous. Carl shares his supplement, Prana, which is an all-organic turmeric elixir that helps with inflammation, chronic pain, and more. He also talks about why certain turmeric supplements aren’t as effective.

Items mentioned in episode:

  • Prana [use code EXTRADOSE for 15% off ]

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