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Happy Thursday! We are so excited to share one of our favorite types of shoes: sneakers! We get a lot of questions about certain types of sneakers, and what workouts they are best for, so we rounded up a bunch of good ones for you all (a lot of them we own!), and they are ALL on sale– 50% off! It won’t last long, so be sure to shop ASAP before sizes sell out!

We used to just pick out shoes based off of looks, and we admit it, we still do sometimes, BUT, it is important to pick out the right type of shoe for the activity you are doing!

For example, shoes that are more “casual”, will probably not be the best support for running or training! Of course, a running shoe could be worn for just casual, every day, but for training, you usually will want a more firm, flatter sole.

We wanted to call out a few of the shoes that we own and love because it will be from personal experience 😉


We have #1 and love how supportive and comfy they are! They are super padded and come in a ton of color waves!

#3 is probably one of our most worn pairs! We have this pair in 3 colors and find ourselves wearing them all of the time. We don’t typically run in these, but we love these for regular workouts, walking, and casual, every day shoes!

#5 we have in two colors and love how comfy these are! We have them in the olive color and light pink! These are also great for training.

#6 is another major fave! Not only are these comfy, they are not clunky, and are lightweight! We have these in 3 colors, and almost ordered a 4th pair, but stopped ourselves– enough is enough, haha;)


#8 is the same pair as #5, just a different color!

#9 we have an older version of and love the fit of them for lifting weights because they have a firmer sole.


#14 we got last year and love how they look with leggings, but also shorts and jeans!

#15 is a fun retro shoe that we have in black and white! They are super cute with dresses, rompers, jeans, leggings, and shorts!

#17 is a fun metallic pair we have a version of from last year! These are great with jeans or fun athleisure outfits!