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Our Favorite Snacks and Protein Bars

Our Favorite Healthy Snacks |

We originally shared this post last year, but we wanted to share it again, and make some updates to it since we get a lot of questions about what our favorite snacks and protein bars are. We tend to love eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins like eggs, chicken, steak, fish, etc, but we definitely like to snack on stuff and have a MAJOR sweet tooth!

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Here are our go-to snacks:Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comWe always go for something with protein and carbs together. The protein is super important because it keeps you full! We get our carbs from mostly fruits and vegetables, but also love toast, granola, etc.

As far as some of our favorite protein powders, we have a hard time with Whey protein powder most of the time, but here are some of our favorites:

We also LOVE these GG crackers for snacking. They have A TON of fiber in them and they are pretty good. They also come in a plain version and we found some topping ideas here!

We have also gotten a ton of questions about which protein bars are our favorite. We almost always go for Quest protein bars because they’re lower in carbs, high in protein, and high in fiber. We love them toasted in the oven for a few minutes because they get crispy on the outside. You can also put them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.
Our Favorite Protein Bars |

Here are some other favorite snack ideas:

Although this isn’t really a “snack”, we both tend to eat this as a snack/meal any time of day. We will prep grilled chicken at the beginning of the week with veggies. We love roasted carrots and brussels sprouts!
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | adoubledose.comThis is also another snack/meal for us. This is a HUGE salad from Snappy Salads with grilled chicken.
Our Favorite Healthy Snacks | We have this chocolate mug cake for dessert a lot of nights. It has a ton of protein in it and is super easy to make! Recipe HERE!Chocolate Cake for ONE - For when you're craving chocolate cake, but want just enough for yourself? This recipe is perfect for you! Best part is, it can be made AND consumed in just a couple of minutes! | Double Dose Fitness