Tips For Problematic Skin, How To Make Healthier Eating More Exciting, Our Favorite Nail Colors : An Extra Dose Podcast

samantha and alexis of a double dose share their latest an extra dose podcast talking about skincare and breakouts, how to make eating healthier more exciting and their favorite healthy recipes. They also talk about their favorite nail polish colors.

In case you missed our last episode of An Extra Dose, you can listen to that here! 

A little about this episode:

On this episode of An Extra Dose Podcast, Samantha and Alexis are opening up about their current skin issues and sharing their tips and the products they have been using to remedy these issues, specifically changing your diet and detoxing. On that same topic of detoxing, the Belbel sisters give ideas on how to make eating healthier and eating plant based more exciting for everyone. They are also giving some of their go to meals for everyone to try out and tips anyone can benefit from. They finish off with their favorite nail polish colors.

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