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Coffee Talk .2

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In case you missed it, we shared our first edition of Coffee Talk in this post. This time, we decided to do a video version to be more interactive. We love getting to feel like we are talking with you all one-on-one. If you don’t want to watch the whole video (it is kind of long, and we tend to ramble, haha), you can grab some of the links to what we are talking about below! We apologize for the bad quality video!

What are some gift suggestions for a friend’s birthday?

Some of our gift suggestions are something personalized. We love a good personalized gift because it is thoughtful and meaningful. Some of our ideas are:

You can shop more gift ideas in these gift guide posts, too!

What do you use to clean your tennis shoes?

To clean our tennis shoes, we will usually throw them in the washing machine with the rest of our clothes. We do this for all of our workout tennis shoes, and they have turned out great! Make sure there is a good amount of clothes in there, so your shoes aren’t banging around, haha.

For shoes like Vans, or Adidas, we use a toothbrush and Clorox bleach to clean the white part of the shoes. We don’t use this for the material part. Also, you can use a magic eraser on the white parts as well.

How do you all stay so slim? What is your workout regime?

Thank you, that is so sweet. Honestly, there is no secret to what we do. We eat very healthy, and workout regularly. We shared what we typically eat in this post, and we share our workout routines every Wednesday in these posts. We also have reviewed this workout guide, and think it is a great tool for eating healthy and working out!

What would y’all pack for a cruise?

We would pack some maxi dresses, a denim jacket, a summer scarf (shawl), wedges, flat sandals, a fedora hat, a good tote, etc.

See more ideas below [click through to view items]:

What socks do you wear with your tennis shoes that are “no-show”?

We wear these and LOVE them. They never show, and they’re great with shoes like Vans, too.

What are the best calf exercises to do?

The best calf exercises to do are calf raises. We suggest doing calf raises once a week (can be done with your leg day, or just with another muscle group). We usually do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps of calf raises with our toes pointed in (10-15 reps), toes pointed outwards, and toes parallel (forward). So, 10-15 reps, each,  of each toe direction, and 3-4 sets of that total. It sounds like a lot, but you want to make sure you’re exercising your entire calf muscle group. Also, you can do these weighted or unweighted. We suggest using 10-15 lb dumbbells in each hand.

See an example video here.

Hope this was helpful for y’all! Send any new questions to [email protected] OR through snapchat or instagram messages! Xo