Is Your Biological Clock Ticking: An Extra Dose Podcast

is your biological clock ticking: alexis and samantha belbel of adoubledose talk about the issue and pressure of not being married or dating at a certain age. We share our tips and how we deal with it in our podcast, An Extra Dose

In case you missed our last episode of An Extra Dose, you can listen to that here! 

A little about this episode:

On this episode of An Extra Dose Podcast, Samantha and Alexis are talking about the topic a lot of us in our twenties and thirties are facing: “Is our biological clock ticking?” We are sharing our thoughts on dating, relationships, and how we personally deal with these thoughts, as neither of us are married. We are giving tips that we use, and how we stay “calm” and not “rush/force” things. Our favorites include natural products to use for your time of the month.

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